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except the part about making KH spin offs, birth by sleep is awesome lol.

and nomura which is the creator is KH is making FFv13 sooo u can see a conflict if he made an HD KH on ps3 at the same time

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yeah and americans (us) arent used to buying a madden every single year, or an nba, or a need for speed, or a COD, or a halo game........riiiiiiight

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the problem is freakin westerners keep askin for western games from an eastern country....WTF? thats messing up their judgement when they make games no, look at nier, wtf! 2 different characters?

honestly I think what most westerners think that japanese's problem is they dont make enough shooters. because westerners have added guns to every genres. while they are fun (mass effect, borderlands) it doesn't mean everything should have shooting, gangs and pimp my ride m...

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currently enjoying the game. 16 hours in. I loved ark of napishtam but this one is just as good or better :)

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no matter if itts sony award show or any other its always gonna be ps3 games that win the most awards. *GOW, Demons souls, uncharted, killzone, lbp, Gran turismo, motorstorm, and way more. I mean xbox has nothing but halo and gears honestly, tho mass effect on my PC was good too

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yeah i hate, HATE people who divide the charges into 5 a month when u pay the 60 at the sametime.

if u buy it monthly its 10$ so wtf are the xbox fanboys defending lol

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ummm huh....people who pay get their worth? i dont think so. when ps3, wii PSP, Ds and PC all do it free, i somehow doubt they get it's worth. they can pretend they do because they use it, but so do all the other consoles in existance with online ability

not to mention with activision wanting to charge for COD multiplayer and most xbox gamers only play cod, sorta a lose lose thing

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wait so ya finally get an internet browser?.....oh wait no....lmao MS just keeps Mooning you guys

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woot 4 vanquish demo n bein able 2 type this on ps3 4 free.....unlike some peeps who pay 60 a yr n still cnt do it lol

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LMAO LMAO! haha lets see, its such a big deal that 360 is getting a dpad that actually works they made a vid bout it. not only that but its 65 instead of the same price and a standard improvedment but u guys r getting charged 60$ a yr for a mediocre online service hahahaa

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meh, 360 has sub hd games and ps3 used to get sub hd games, guess it 360's tturn to get burned, tho these games actually count (ff13 and vanquish)

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u obviously dont play fighting games, especially 2d ones like blazblue or SF4

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5 years to late MS, 5 years to late

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agreed, MS sux!

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MS owns PC's they will try charging for online too.....wait they already did try...and it failed......why? cuz gamers didnt let it happen.....tho the gamers on xbox are obviously more of a moronic race who let it happen and let it go up lol.

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i know what u mena baka.......but im not speaking about the smart ones.

the smart ones are the ones on this site oddly, the ones actually in the gaming community.

i worked at gamecrazy for 2.5 years and wow normal wanna be hardcore gamers are tools.

and they WAY outnumber us real gamers. they are the ones buying all the crap theyy dont need.

most of my customers bought the 20$ subs and some even came every month to ge...

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dude, people like u were the ones saying sony was going to charge everyone this gen for online too and ya were wrong.... sure maybe they will do it in 5 yrs, but the fact is MS has been doing it, people have Been suckers, and MS increases the price without a service upgrade or increase in quality

i mean ya still cant do a shooter with more than 16 players and still dont have an internet browser.....ouch

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hahah so true, all 360 games are on pc except halo, fable and forza.

most of the time the PC version is better anyway

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and you morons will continue to give away your money to MS.

I mean damn....lets say ya had the xbox for 5 years, ya spent 250!!! and thats only if ya did the year subs.

for the poor saps doing the 20$ sub its 400$........lmao suckers

all that and halo still lags :/

I had a year of live free (friend stole it and gave it to me oh well) and it wasn't that much better than the old psn. well unless you enjoy more child...

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5 yrs later n now they realize it suked

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