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kinect is fail, as is any1 who buys it

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so literal XD u get the point

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interesting. well atleast it took more than 5 years to break the ps3. cant say tthat much for the 360

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dude u serious? lol u act like ps3 gamers are all the same, No crap anyone would want it, but im sure if they could save 60 bucks a year anyone would get their behind up. and like i said netflix is disc free this month anyhow.

what are you getting with the price hike that wasnt their before? nothing. this is concernin the price hike, not paying for live in general. they arent giving you anything, and that espn garbage is free to even silver memebers. ontop of that what abo...

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wow!!!! this is actually news!!!! i mean because no new or better games have come out for like a year!!!! holy crap!!!

this news is sad......seriously people, play something else, this has been stale since the first month

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u counted using netflix without a disc an actual perk? wtf how lazy are u lmao, and what will u say when this september ps3 uses it without a disc????

and um most of those arcade games suck, why do u want a demo?

and the complaint thing, lmao 360 does need that feature, so many immature kids yellin out NOOB! on it and being annoying. PS's gamers arent as immature from what ive seen.

and yes the only real difference is cross game ch...

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1: Likes to be a tool
2: Likes to bend over
3: Is Ms's Slut
4: Likes to be ripped off when everyone else gets it free! (ps3,ds,wii,pc,psp)
5: Is a freakin Moron

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just finished Ys seven like 3 minutes ago. awesome game, upset its over :( well must wait for Ys vs Legends of heroes now...

and Birth by sleep comes in next week, woot!

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and watch porn!!!!

Ps3, "it only does everything........even doggy style"

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tell me about it. people are morons

from my experience on Live, Halo cant handle 8 players without lagging yet my 256 player Mag barley lags.

honestly people make stuff up cuz they dont wanna feel like they have been wasting money

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all for 60 bucks

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easy psn is better because 60$ is not worth it for party and cross game chat.

seriously, it isnt, i can do that for free on Vent when i game on my pc

and oh please tell me why its 60 now and still hass no internet browser? i mean ya still cant do more than 16 players online at once.

and its not even dedicated servers!!!

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i didnt call anyone a child!! ooo ur calling me...grr u lol. nah but i know wat u mean. i luved Gow3, ff13 and peace walker aswell

just means they have bad taste in games, or its just their opinion lol. heck u wudnt like most of the games i like. i actually enjoyed bullet witch (probly cuz it was free) not saying it was a good game lol just enjoyed it......ahhh meteors bringing down sky scrapers all around me is pretty epic. then to be crushed by a sky scraper because i des...

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um guys, its THEIR favorite games not urs, lmao wow really can people be this dense?

obviously ur list and my list are far different

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i coulda told u that it sold that much more

most 360 gamers, play cod and halo all day

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yeah i played first 2 gears and honestly only play it cuz its coop. i hatee how heavy they are. i mean they wouldnt even get shot if they took off that armor cuz they would be able to move so fast.

lol if marcus finally takes off his armor he will move faster than the dude from vanquish

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amazing game and take on the shooter genre.

all these articles of japan not being able to make good and unique games, constantly making cookie cutter rpgs and lack of innovation and yet they are the ones to further innovate the already heavily saturated shooter genre. goodwork platinum games!

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wait wait.....hold on. sooo um... uhhh the marine cut soldier who almost never speaks in starwars forced unleashed, resistance, red faction, (infamous tho cole is cool) and every other western game isn't cookie cutter either?

u obviously missed games like valkyria, crisis core, and valkyrie profile, xenosaga games, muramasa etc.

not all jrpgs fall into the cliche....heck there isnt even enough jrpgs out in the first place. and ff13 wasnt even that ba...

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um thats already happened, just everyone likes shooting. i mean, madden has been the same like for ever. cod has been the same, as os halo. ontop of that they just add guns to any genre and call it a day.

sure they are fun, but its not new. how many war games are there already? need more games like oblivion, or why is god of war the only good action game thats not japanese?

to me western games have been on the decline since year 3 of this gen. and what do...

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