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no mr.meln

my response is due to MS BULLcrappin everyone and saying that Kinect will have hardcore games. kinectimals? milo? fitness games? dance games? lmao yeah right....hardcore

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wow nice......cuz this looks....sooo hardcore.....cnt wait. lol. Haha.....BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHA FAIL

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heck yeah! luv PE!!!

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odd. i thought everyone in gears was gay except don......o well, lmao if they make a gay flamer hahaha. wearing bellyshirts would be halarious

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reaches campaign is aweful, especially the voice acting, dear goodness its bad. and it feels so....un epic? unpolished? i dunno what it is but halo 3 did a better job. tho i still wasnt a fan. i only play halo for the multiplayer and even that isnt so good in reach due to bad match making, and lack of lvls.

where the F are all the vehicles in reach??? and seriously every lvl uses that forge base lvl (the green with water and waterfalls set) bungie was so lazy to make real level...

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o yes...because they killed every series. i mean sf4 is bad, and devil may 4 sucked so bad cuz dante wasnt the main and so is resident evil just cuz u werent scared and mvc3 looks like garbage.....sure.

jump off the bandwagon and play games and stop saying what everyone else says. all games were still good, this gen everyone complains, its so annoying

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they did it for the easy way out. lower graphics, lower budget, etc etc

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u really think just because MS charges u 10 bucks more for no reason that u will get anything? no u guys have been fools paying all this time, and are fools again to think u would get more with a price hike. enjoy ur 60$ crossgame chat

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xbox fanboys keep wishing ps3 exclusives go to xbox but they never do (not speaking past gen exclusives) but xbox has lost, eternal sonata, tales of vesperia, ninja gaiden 2, mass effect 2, bioshock, lost planet, star ocean the last hope,, overlord, and much more. and u know what? each and everyone of those games had more content on the ps3 side. sure we waited but u guys never got anything from this gen from ps3, well sept for virtua fighter, but thats....virtua fighter lol

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m$ is afraid everyone will tell the truth, the thruth that the kinect is a laggy stupid piece of garbage that even MS them selves have no shown real gameplay of. just scripted garbage with fail written all over it. sorry, on paper kinect sounds cool, but with no games and no real footage yet so close to release this thing is destined for failure.

what helped wii was word of mouth. word of mouth will kill the kinect faster once everyone see's how bad it is from the initi...

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dang well w/e when free games with amazing combat like vindictus are out (beta here) and games like tera, and Blade and soul are around the corner with new types of mmorpg gameplay it makes the otthers look stale.

its not about gear anymore, players want skill

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http://i45.tinypic.com/119x... (lag)

and most importantly


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because we want to look like this family


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Kinect makes me excited in my pants

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im really sick of shooting crap honestly. like jalen says, aslong as theres enough variety which is true for atleast PS, but even ps has alot of shooters now. multiplats are all shooters too. i mean action games are still around and games like enslaved aare a good break but they just throw guns into every genre now.

(adventure, racing, rpg's -mass effect, borderlands, bioshock,- soon madden will have guns.

bioshock is still awesome as is fallout, but ...

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yes they are. i know friends who wont play their ps3's because the trophies wont make their achievment scores higher....they play avatar and hannah montana just to get easy points. its retarded

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to me 12 was the worst ff ever. was barley a good game in general. wtf kinda game teaches u how to make gambits that make the game play for you? I dont need bots in my offline games morons.

ff13 was a good game, not a bad ff but def not the best. people just complain is all

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stupid articles, how bout this.

xbox live after 5 years.......still no internet browser :)

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ff12 was horrid, it rewarded u for not playing (gambit system)

also the main character wasnt even the main character, and it was SO ugly. i hated 12. liked 13, wasnt the best but wasnt bad, people just expected WAY to much. if ffx-2 existed i dont see why not ffxiii-2

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dude....obviously more halo, and more gears and more halo...then maybe another bad entry to fable series. (hopes fable 3 is good)

to many shooters, uggh thank god i have a ps3 also

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