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i heard on the grape vine that there changing the name to Duke Nukem Never;)

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I'm pretty sure this game is gonna blow big time , all it has is nostalgia to ride on and that pretty dangerous . duke saying "shake em baby " just isnt gonna cut it anymore.

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but you have to understand that almost all gaming on pc is pirated , so where does that leave devs???? Hmm it leaves them thinking its a dead platform unless they want to give there games away ie it is a dead platform but a lot of people play games on it , kinda like the psp . Its sales that make a platform alive (this creates development )and not the amount of people playing pirated games or minesweeper freaks

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after playing this game everything on every other console seems watered down . MGS4 has ruined gaming for me , its just soooo damn good

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To me thats all that matters and PSN seems to have a whole lot more of this going on . Ohh and its free , hmm well i guess MS can start giving out free gamer pic or something to look like its keeping up

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personally i think DLC is all about devs selling you half a game and charging you extra for the rest. i like stuff like small games that go for cheap but add ons are all about the sucker market and milking .

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nothing wrong with being racist as long as your a equal opportunity racist and hate on all races , personally i hate all colors (including my own ) :P

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personally i wont be buying this time round , fool me once shame on you , fool my twice shame on me !!

you all know what im talking about , im sick of sending this POS back every few months

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but why are these dumba$$e$ still judging games with numbers and why do people listen to numbers? saying this game is 10 out of 10 will never explain just how compelling/fun/atmospheric this piece of media is and listening to some game journalist whos job is to grind and review games is just lame , i wanna hear the opinion of some game nerd who lives and breaths this stuff and not some jerk who plays a game and finishes it ASAP to make some deadline and say exactly what everyone already know...

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whats so insane with $600 price? nvidia have sold millions of cards in the past at that price, only reason they took it down a notch is because Pc gaming is on a decline (i didn't say its dead )

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this actually happen to me .

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personal i work for the 3rd largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world and i get paid very well but i would trade 40% of my income in a heartbeat if i knew that in doing so i would be treated like a human being let alone as good as these softies from apple , hell i would do that job for free .
Working for STMicroelectronics is like being an officer in the german army and having the Gestapo breathing down your neck 24/7 ,these people take every last drop out of you and translate it ...

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got mine too and this game frackin rocks

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crysis is pure garbage ,it wont stand the test of time it cant even hold up to COD4 OR BIOSHOCK , yes it looks real good but this game is extremely lame most people wont ever finish it and then there are games made by valve which make the devs of crysis look like a bunch of tech nerds with no idea as to what goes into a good game

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listen to his old stuff with genesis (before that fool phil collins took over ), now that what i call art .

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i really dont know what to think , i wouldn't be surprised if everyone here ends up eating there words and buying this game. Its not like any of you have actually played this game and most of you dont understand that its budget and time and not some magical dev team from never never land that makes a game good .

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You hold a gun up to anyone for any reason except defense and you truly deserve this guys fate , and please dont give me some bullshit about defending his freedom or self in some foreign land because im not as dumb as you yank republican retards , defend your own land by staying out of others .

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your opinion on Obama is total bollocks , the only reason you say that is because your a republican POS which hates black people but will never admit it in public , you sir are a coward .

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of corse she slapped you , the only games girls wanna play are the kind that involves body parts ;) (which is good for me , i only play games when im going through a dry spot )

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