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................don't make me laugh.

"nods head"

killzone2's characters are made up of 11,000 polygons, 4,000 of which goes to the head. you want poof there it is.

can't let it go can you Pandamobile?

all the other titles are pretty good, but the one i'm looking forward to is alan wake....and i'm going to get the pc version of that game in 2,00.....never. :)

so i just decided to get it on my 360 which is coming very soon.

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i can't believe the stupid reports it's received over the comment "is looking better as ps3"

do the gamers here have that much of a fvcking superiority complex?

lolz, "oh, who ever approves this will surely be banned."

give me a break....lolz.

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these people were in the darkness but now they've turned to the light...the flash of alan wake's flashlight has guided them to see it and do a massive disagreeing.'s either that or something, cause i know when i s...

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meh, i had plenty of sources where i get my fill of gore anyways.

there is still going to be blood

from the looks of it's just going be a realistic amount, that's fine with me.

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......these aren't 360 shots, none of them are.

and some of these shots are too compressed.

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look at that, not a single console game has that realistic lighting.

and where is the comparison? is it beyond his religion to take pictures?

"Incidental environmental objects and enemies appear less detailed, both in texture and geometry."

that better be true, cause that's exactly what i'm going...


anyways, i think Microsoft is capable of braking those kind of barriers. :)

if they haven't done it before....which they have.

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proving the unproven, all this proves is that microsoft is doing what they do best, they dominate on marketing a product.

sony should be taking some notes on that, instead of making a bunch nonsense commercials and putting a sony stamp on it.

.........yeah, that was real.

they are losing their touch, they should have been trying to sne...

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@ 1.2 - you're saying that you're incapable of holding a fvcken disc correctly?

what the fvck is that, is that seriously beyond you?

so what you do you do when you wanna swap out ff13 and play some killzone2 on your ps3?

it's going to happen some time....unless you have it stuck in your fvcking console.

most RPGs that have multiple discs have 17 to 20 hrs of game content spread out on each disc.........

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HA, see look at that, when these fvcking people counted the pixels for star ocean 4 (ps3's version) and MGS4 people were all like "it's fake" now the people are jumping into this all of a sudden.......because it's HALO.

lolz, people don't even know how the fvck "1152x720p" is closer to 720p. all you gotta do is whip out a fvcking calculator.

1280 X 720 = 921,600 pixels

yes, and also it should be said after 4 years of these comparisons that difficult programming for complex hardware is nothing to boast about.

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"Square Enix is going under a lot of heat currently thanks to very poor decision when a batch of Final Fantasy XIII screens were released to the public yesterday showcasing identical screens and graphics in both the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of the game."

I wonder who's the group of people who are putting them under this kind of scrutiny over PR shots?

Dice, Ubisoft, EA, all have been using PR shots taken from their PC versions of games lots of times. wh...

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it isn't just in performance where 360 is better.
it's pretty much better in detail too.

meh, anyhow, it's not like it matters to me, right now i think Halo: Reach took the spotlight with that new vidoc.

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yawn, yawn, yawn.

it was said exclusive long ago. what they are saying now is "haven't you been listing to the first time it was said?." so i wouldn't be shouting left and right.

and i wouldn't be all innocent and say Ms is the bad guys, cause you know what i would be hearig if sony some how bought the rights to FF13 long ago and scrapped the 360 version completely?

............................. .............................. . .............

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confused here, when ff13 was ps3 exclusive and then went multiplat no body came up with this was an other instead.

and when mass effect2 comes out it's all "oh, it could have soled wayy more if it went multiplat."

......but in reality yes, this is true in a way. but hasn't any thought it may not be that way. i mean look at bioshock1 for instance, it was exclusive and yet still made more of it's profits on 360. now look at it's sequel........

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@ 3.1're pointing out battle mode.

"Both the versions are native 520p"

for a moment i thought it was 1080p, i guess people have now expected less of this game.

@ 3.2 - "Apparently him and the kids in here creaming themselves over these pics"

don't play innocent, people were creaming them selves over this.

yes, it seems the guys who confirmed the resolution for the 360 version has just now confirmed the resolution of the ps3 version.

(non battle mode)
the ps3 version runs at 1024x720p = 737,280 pixels

360's version is 1248x704p = 878,592 pixels

ps3 is 141,312 pixels less.

@ below


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.....such a foul display.

you should know better than to use the bathroom there. you going to get that sh!t off....and i mean that literally.

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