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will i be able to run this game on at least high with 50fps?

ati radieon 5750 1gb

4gb ram

amd athalon x2 black edition overclocked to 3.4ghz

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my estimated time was 4 hours total but it is so hard for me to just leave the computer on and not touch a game, and i dont wanna go out and leave it on cause it gets stupidly hot after about 5-6 hours

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i hope onlive catches on and gets better tbh i bought the witcher two days ago and its still not finished downloading, currently on 10gb out of 15gb, either i cba leaving my computer on im on a game and therefore the download pauses (stupid idea especially when im on a story mode)

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Where do you live???

whats that??

no there isnt a shotgun on my back =)

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why the fuck would you want to spread knowledge of this glitch any further??? trearch already knows about it so why both encouraging people to use it

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that would be the most wonderful news story ever...

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crap!!! i was praying that Moh would be on here...

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have a look at

at 1 hour 20 onwards

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isnt this game already hacked? theres a video sumwhere with a gud with infinite ammo

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wtf is this???? i was hoping they would keep combat the same or changee it to demon souls sorta

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still waitin on my code...... pissup in a brewary, nuff said

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i hope you fucking die anore......

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wow this makes me sad to see what Socom has become, yes ill buy it and play it but ffs bring back socom 1&2 in HD and online multiplayer

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great now bring it to the fuking UK??

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my contract upgrade is in july, sony phone best be out by then =)

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Stalin, Hitler and Tung would love this game =)

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this is fake???? those pictures are of unreal tourny 3 im 100% sure

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false king bent me over proper bad, i attempted it at like level 20 with a kite shield +5 and he two hit me through my shield??

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what about the 100ft avatar??

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