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True, but the rest of the game looks like it belongs on a 360 at best...

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Good news and I'm definitely gonna consider gamepads now for my X, but are people seriously counting future releases line they're coming thick and fast? They arent. So it'll be Sea of thieves for the next 9 months..

Not so amazing.

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Because paid journo's get it wrong sometimes. I've got F7 on an X, it's a 5/10 at best. GT is a league ahead.
Infact majority of F7 would jump ship if they got to see it and try it for themselves. F7 is decent arcade racer at best.

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took my RC car out today (50mph+) and a car ride past with a woman singing down the window shouting "How old are you!!!!" It put a grin on my face.
I can imagine similar responses with Labor and I'll still be smiling and having a great time.

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Wow. It's bought out inpatient, bitter and egotistical gaming racists in droves. Trump effect infecting such a great past time.

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What's that? With all our German and Japanese owned cars? Give it a break.

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If your sceptical and don't get this. You need to really at how much fun you get outa gaming in general and if you ever had fun building things and using your imagination when you were a kid.

And just a quick note if your a middle aged sour fanboy,


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Amazing! I was watching the trailer on TV and didn't realise my 3 year old had gone all quiet until it ended - he turned to me with big eyes and a grin and a "What's THAT daddy?"

Day one.

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Unfortunately everybody seems to be in a historic bubble.
If you look at the facts of colonial ism and the scope of resources and wealth that were effectively stolen from nations around the world, nevermind the death toll and obliteration of societies, I'd have to say the chickens are coming home to roost.

As for the those who would love to explore the prospect of national socialism, you'd better do a DNA test for any hereditary illness or conditions - or ...

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Obviously, not someone who owns or plays GT. I bought a Pro a few weeks after my X just for GT. Simply brilliant. The only neg is that I can turn the whopping great rear view mirror off on bumper cam.
Overall, it makes this year's Forza look and feel like a dated comical and arcade take on racing. Especially online. GT has class, Forza 7 is like wacky races, a broken farce.

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Ode to X. I do agree playing an optimal version of a console multiplat is great on it. But the lack of titles and exclusive s is why I rebought a Pro. Plus GT Sport literally kills F7 in handling and visuals.

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I smell a Forza 7 player who is gutted at the visual splendor of the GT lighting model.
I too, was like you, then I bought a Pro just last week and the difference between GT and F7 is huge. I'm not going back to F7. Still glad I got the X for multiplats but GT itself is enough to warrant a Pro purchase.

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Comedy Gold right here...
Been playing Forza 7 on a rig and then X.
Just bought a Pro for GT. Won't be going back to Forza.

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The hate is strong in this one.

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Love ya comment marine - wake up son, it isn't coming to PS4, your on yesterday's news...

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Spot on with this.

If PU had any sense, he'd sell to MS and plough millions into developing PubG to stay on top with first mover advantage and MS Dec assistance.

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Just get to 60, that'll do me. Shooting even at medium distance is a laggy mess.

But! I just don't want to bother playing anything else right now. PS4 Pro with GT Sport delivered yesterday morning - still sealed in the box.

What I'm really liking about all the Sony fanboys constantly quoting Greene about timed exclusives - things change,.

With all the involvement of MS and The Coalition expect permanent exclusive real soon...

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Just so what's wrong with fanboyism. Encapsulated in one post. Probably the absolute opposite of lil' Mikah

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