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the psp still has a monster hunter server link ro download the addons...

they managed before with each nintendo device upgrade. they are concerned of hacking. its a security breech on the switches side

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is it poor taste to say this games Dead on Arrival?

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i want this. been keen on an jrpg, the scarlet game that came out recently wasnt my cup of tea.

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are you blind to the statue thumbnail?

i said the series is usually fine but there are some serious fan service of a wholesome game and it trips me out... and there is romance? wasnt talking about that either.

look at ryza - she has thighs AND a thigh gap. a goddamn miracle or really distorted hip bones.

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why do they sexualize the atelier series so much haha, i love the gameplay but the fanservice is weird

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i watched friends play. we went into a massive sewer system and found nothing. we searched some off the grid areas... nothing

its a big empty world

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an expansion? thats like trying to save a tetris game with a crooked foundation, shits never gonna work. their 'gps update' was a map zoom

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jesus christ.

go look up 'wog' as a slur in Australia and how we turned it positive. literally joked about it til ut became one. wogboy on yt is funny af and plays a good comedic stereotype

ANY word can be bad if used badly, you goddamn potato peeler.

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lol, its heavily p2w.

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wait cyberpunk needed more time, shareholders pushed for earlier release... you proved against your point

there is a term called dev hell, digimon survive and biomutant come to mind

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bro its not a pc. they cut file size of games, they run faster... u know how many issues there will be if u take the consoles key thing over pcs - a set package in hardware- and start budgeting parts?

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unions can work, i hope they kick in their heels and unionize. mass layoffs will happen if they dont

ive deleted everything blizzard early last year cause fuck that time grind work feeling xpac

tell u what The Maw is the closest we'll ever get to hell because no one wants to be there

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its not the same blizzard

this new company can smd

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basically what we're all thinking. also i want a drawing app on it.

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ahh...the mobile marketplace is hard to get into and had nothing to do with it being windows... i fucking loved my nokia Lumia, the os and aesthetic was so good...just google store and apple too big

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oh my god you guys are like vegans

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full priced game that asks for a sub with a cash shop in a bugged out game full of hackers

yeah sure

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"we're stealing ur money and theres nothing u can do about it"

fuckin what?

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“Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong.” - W.R. Purche.

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l mean...we don't know that - yuffie is found randomly out in fields, she's a roamer.

it makes sense she'd visit midgar

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