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happy little cards

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0:46 l want someone to hold onto me like these breast straps hold on to eachother, dear god

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cloud storage. so the 360gig physical edition can actually store games?

me unable to hook in a sd hd into the physical has made me skip this gen til a slim or some shit comes out. l can wait.

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if sony and xbox didnt fucking keep everyone in the dark in a game of chicken and not make more consoles we'd not be in this situation. don't blame the scalpers

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l love the rune factory series but...but why are these characters so bland? the main characters look like two german kids, the cast are just all the same ageless face template.

somethings off.

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wanna throw any more words onto that game?

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"guys stop hacking our abandoned consoles, cmon man, we want to sell you the same game for 50 dollars as "remaster" and pay nothing to the original devs. we pocket all profits. cmon man

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gonna be as terrible as the fuck up that was crystal chronicles on every device?

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they're skimpy enough, jesus. why do you need porn in it too?

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you see the smoke disappearing. its vape. how gulible are u all?

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this guy has a weird fanbase. like they go mental every time its played at speedrunner charities

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wait really? l knew about this, the 3rd party memory cards had this in their books. l remember having a multiple tab memory card, siht went missing all the time and it kept changing what tab it was on... that 3x all trigger spam was ingrained in our heads XD

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its like they spend a max of 5 minutes on every step to create a new armour set and weapons. the designs are all the same robot looking mess with a few feathers/.scales attached, the weapons and armour from the monsters dont really reflect the animals as much as they could. They reuse the same 2 rigs for all their monsters.

the combat is not bad for a mh clone but they need to get better artists - looking at the fist weapons up close made me cry a bit. theres not even a ha...

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while l enjoyed the combat on the switch..this games art team needs to be fired and they need to rehire the whole lot. fuck they're incredibly lazy.

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but...why? its a pig mask... they dont deny its existence. if anything a donkey mask would offend as that the overall middle eastern insult animal

and even then! its a crude joke at cops in the west, dont see our gov chucking a stink on that

unneeded pc at it again

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since l hadnt touched my vita in a while l dint have to worry about firmware. manually updated it to 3.60. I used HENkaku, the process was less of a hassle as expected. it just recodes your vita and then you're free to use the other homebrews. goes through it a lot in detail.

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omg the vita memory is a bit badly priced but if people can handle the switches "Nintendo tax" on every game the same way as thhe vita - the vita would not have tanked. It's so bizzare to me that its store was cheap but people ignore that in favour of the memory cards which wernt that bad.

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l hacked the living shit outta my vita. no regrets, love it now

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l'll never press the youtube button cause l know youtube will be like...heres 4 adds in a row you cant be bothered changing apps for :D:DDDDDDDDDD

they should of had a twitch button instead of say, disney+. like what resonates with gamers more? a swine of a company that legit only has that starwars show or twitch; a streaming service of content creators made for and by gamers?

money talks l guess and l will not be buying this

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but...does the narrator come with it?

did this d***head of a site not even LINK the kickstarter?

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