Would you kindly?
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Would prefer just straight up MS points

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Whose to say the helmet won't come later? This is in the opening moments of the game.

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make a creative retorts not a boring one like yours.

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Looks like Perfect World, look it up.

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That's actually pretty cool. I was expecting an April Fool's joke. It's only 1:32am and I'm already paranoid.

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well, they are on a limited run, so hopefully soon we get some details on the limited edition. Either way, I already bought the steelbook. Not bad for $5 off your preorder. Technically free I suppose.

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Well his main weapon is a tomahawk, not an assault riffle. I don't see how this game has a "fascination with guns". It would be like ignoring the fact that the 1950's were big on cars.

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Well, he is stabbing a red coat in the neck on the cover

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To be completely fair, for everybody so sick of the American setting for games. I can't remember one game set during the American Revolution, so give it a shot before you kick it to the curb.

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He has a point. The developer defines what a complete experience is. It's their story, and it's only theirs to tell. I think no one has the ability to claim DLC ownership as their "right" to have if it comes out day one.

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It's nice to see that it's not just a port, I just might have to try it out, looks interesting.

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No, because I already have a phone, and I'm not buying a Vita.

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Kind of weird that they wouldn't want to make a 3DS version, but it makes sense. It'll sell many more copies on the DS than the 3DS, considering not everybody has a 3DS, while a lot of people has a DS.

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Eh. Not exactly ground breaking material there. I think Rocksteady has spoiled me for superhero games.. to me the standard should now be on the level of Arkham Asylum or Arkham City.

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The riddler trophies in AA were pretty easy, the set of achievements were enough of a reward for me.

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The only thing that I disliked about the demo was the health bar. I liked how they did it in ME2, it's a little weird in this one. I'll get over it though.

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It's sad too, because once upon a time they were going to do a Beyond movie. But they canceled it for Batman: Triumph, which also was canceled in place of Begins. So, if it wasn't for Batman Begins, we would have gotten a Beyond movie.

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Well, they are actually. But apparently it won't be another "How I Became Batman" trilogy. They said it will be more along the lines of a comic, picking up at certain points were he has already established himself as Batman, sort of like the Tim Burton ones. They even said they most likely won't touch on the dead parents spiel, since everybody already knows that. And the actor will be the same on from Justice League, when ever that drops.

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I like having a physical copy of anything I buy. I'm not too cool with paying $30 for a download token, but I've always been that way. I don't even like to buy DLC because of the fact. I only play arcade games if they have a physical copy like the Limbo 3-pack, etc.

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I would have liked to play City of Metronome and Dreamers, I kinda hate reading these lists because I always find something I would have loved to play.

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