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yea, halo is garbage. the only thing keeping it alive is that microsoft spends more money marketing it than they receive in profits from sales

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No, there can only be ONE game considered, and that's Uncharted 2. Anyone who doesn't say Uncharted 2 is simply out of their minds. There really is no competition. This game blows everything else out of the water.

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Geoff is a douche, he said the same thing about Halo: Reach last year. Needless to say no one was impressed and he lost all his credibility.

I believe him when he says it about Uncharted 3, but he's still a jack ass.

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i dont think anyone cares because nothing good has some out of square since the ps1 days

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People like him hide behind the sissy politicians and the government because otherwise intelligent people would have gotten rid of them by now. So who really has no balls?

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I was excited at the title... but then I saw "hiphopgaymer"

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okay so we have Gay Gamer, Lesbian Gamer, and now African Gamer. whats next? Transsexual Indian gamer or perhaps Obese A.D.D. gamer?

you all need a life ASAP

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its not racist, youre just a sissy brainwashed into thinking stereotypes arent real and that everyone should pretend to live in a world where nothing is bigotry and everyone is equal and all that nonsense

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like i said before and got voted down, Microsoft spends more money promoting their garbage products than they make from profits in return.

and it looks like they are starting to copy some liberal tactics too (liberals often hire fake protesters to manufacture anger and dissent). pathetic,

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Edge has zero credibility so it's not like anyone is surprised. They were probably paid to do this.

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stopped reading right there

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Kinect will outsell Move for the same reason that Halo outsells Killzone and other better shooters: Microsoft spends more money advertising Kinect and Halo with retarded hip-hop artists and feminine teen pop idols on MTV than they actually make from the product's sales.

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PlayStation Home is a worthless piece of crap until they bring back voice chat.

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The truth is Heavy Rain is for adults and Gears of War is for pre-pubescent children.

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hahahahahaha this is awesome

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proof that the japanese are intelligent

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Bubbles for Marius and VictoriousOne. Thanks for reminding me there is still hope and not everyone has been brainwashed yet.

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its amazing how gays see oppression in everything. 99% of games have no mention of any sexual orientation (just like it is in real life) but they arent satisfied unless pacman goes around claiming hes gay while chomping magic pills or something.

what a ridiculous group of people.

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