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Ea ....
Two words : Dungeon Keeper

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so now spec and multi-plat matter ... ok

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The sound is improved. Stop spreading fud

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I don't have a single platinum, apparently its what kids use to measure the size of their manhood now.
What happen to dropping it on the table? :P

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this is a pretty solid deal

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Fox network.

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of course they made it offensive.
He is fat and called Doughnut Drake. Instead of taking their health seriously they would rather silence anyone online who might make them feel bad.

The left/Sjw and politically correctness is killing free speech.

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The other day the wife was watching that Mindy tv show and i noticed all the people on there were using windows phones. So what ? Plenty of other show have apple plastered everywhere.

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so now Metacritic matters ?
Moving the post much?

ThePUMPER6d ago
Metacritic hahahahahahahaha the desperation is so real when you need a website full of fanboy opinions tell you their opinion on a game

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oh boy ... why did they go exclusive. This is going to get trolled to no end.
And f2p .. This is not going to end well.

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good thing Quantum break didnt release in May, that would have been the reason why its not doing well... one more reason.

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wow ... i don;t even want to play that on PC either now.

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The controller will be shaped like Link sword.

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Not will. its been happening already. But most those title gets no mentioned as they are smaller game yet we can't stop hearing about Cup head.

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post moving, thats what is called.
you forgot to mention stacked hidden Gpu, Cloud ect ..

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here comes the shovelware

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How about we don't care if "you're ok with it" its their art and their creation, No one has a say on it.

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