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The original Horizon was already great. Not sure why this one would fail at doing the same thing.
Like you said don't change a winning formula.

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how's that pre-order for you

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So this big exclusive and no exclusive anymore is now a budget title ?
This was on those constant list from the like of Gansta_red and others here.

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pc 75% off sale it seems.

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I have a feeling that Fallout mods were a little riskier ? Maybe like someone mentioned above they couldn't agree on how they would be release and quality authenticated ?

If you had a product out there that could break because of a mod would you allow it to come to your product ?
I have a pc for mod no need for those on console.

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lol .. so now mod are important.
make the post larger and larger and keep moving it.

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exactly what i said above. Maybe a little bit more direct but yeah. You get it

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If this was Xbox exclusive i am sure you would have a different "opinion" Gangsta_red.
So easy to see through you.

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yup .. the hype.

this here is a good read.

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Forza horizon is a great game.

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Not denying that this sucks massively.
I had this game on my day 1 budget.

And i also agree, this needed to be release with PsVr. This is bad period.

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dont worry he is just one of those kids saying. All game are Gta if its open world and a car. Or every game with a mech is Titanfall ect..

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will be the moment they announce full wheel support on Forza 6 Apex

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Awesome man. I had similar story with the original NES was all about escape. Don't let the disagree hit you.
Thumbs up brother.

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Super Nintendo. The jump is technology and the titles on that console are still un-matched.
I won't list them all but it was all about Fun back then ... What a console.

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Horizon exclusive ?

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40% smaller ... And the fanboy were frothing at the mouth saying it was going to be 40% more powerful

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it was hailed as a console mover....

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what you need too apparently is Pewdiepie appearing on screen and start yelling "INTERNET F**KERYYYYYY !!!"

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