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the game is too cheap 2 out of 10

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free gamepass trial on pc numbers

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yeah just buy Xp booster .... /s

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come again?

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This is almost as bad as Mafia 2 grass blade counting by Xbox fanboy .. lol

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Lets see MS spin that one. "We happy few was the most weird art style game on the service played at once, during this time EVER"

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This game will get praised until its released on another console. We happy Few was praised as the second coming and now we don't hear anything anymore.

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i don't care if she is gay. Who the fuck does. The problem is the constant shoving in the face about it. It didn't bother me but the reaction from everyone outside gaming that suddenly are interested about it does

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throwing money around does not make a great conference.

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All the comment above. Thank you for reminding what an insecure fanboy base you are.
And reminding everyone that you can play all those on pc without paying for Xbox live.

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No, Just the Cake is a lie

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yup, It was a little slow at first but man there is so many ways to play the game. So good. Story visuals top notch.

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lets not kid ourselves here.
I kept my first gen ps3 because i can play ps1 and ps2 game disc on there. Its awesome.

Do i use it often? No
Would i love to have that on my ps4 ? Hell yes.

Its a great feature. Not necessary but awesome to have, Good on MS to bring that in there.

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Wait, Wasn't this game bashed to death by the fanboy who are suddenly praising it?

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The attacks on Sony were relentless and showed how bad the fanbase was. I had a original Xbox and was a fan. The 360 let me down and i got a Ps3 after a few months on the market.
What strikes me is the delusional level of the Xbox fanbase and how they still haven't "let go" of their hate.
Its fine to be a fan but when face with facts they still make up stuff. Its was, it is and still is ridiculous.

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this is how you get people to buy the game. Instead of the stupid 129$ for the complete edition, Make a base edition cheap to have player count and possible purchase of content. And sell the full game at 60$ its not rocket science,

Good on them

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The bar as been set pretty low after the stepping over the line of Starwars .. Micro transaction is nothing to be praised for, remove your fanboy google and see it for what it is

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