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Your right and also lots/most developer did mention that the 360 not having a harddrive on version was a mistake.
The Harddrive is next Gen and developer want consoles to have it .
Why would we complain when they are using the hardware the way it should be ?!
I have a harddrive use it god damnit its there for a reason.

Soon xbox360 owner are gonna start complaining because the game want to use their DVD-drive......

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Went to Futureshop here in Canada ... Sixaxis is 59.99$ Dualshock3 is 59.99$ . tell me what wrong with the price ?

The xbox360 game pad cost as much + you have to buy a battery pack. So i think the price is fair.

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Omg dont do this, omg use a can of air, omg you breaking you ps3. OMG the kid is FAt . Zomglolrz,he keeps his empty of monster he must be diabetic.

I mean Seriously people have you ever overclocked a pc !? I did often and a little extra heat didnt kill it. A ps3 building up a little heat for 30 sec to get the fan going isnt going to kill a ps3 either. I dont know how effective its gonna be at taking the dust out but it cant hurt.


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If you ever played GTR2 on pc.. in a night race with rain, in full sim mode. Youll know why weather effect is needed.

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I got a G25 and its my favorite gaming device but if you buy only for gt5 its a lot of money.
Im into Race sim on pc and i have many use for my g25 i personnaly wouldnt buy only for my ps3.

On the ps3
I played Gt-Hd demo with the g25 and the Japanese demo of gt5p and it was a lot of fun.
If you buy that wheel then get GRID too and DIRT . Get some use out of it.

And when buy it let me know and add me to your psn list we will race :)

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They are still gonna complain that the tire noise (screeching) is the same as before.

Im still buying it .. Cant wait . But i must admit the tire noise(screeching) and the weird"wind wave(Ouuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiishhhhh h)" noise when you hit the sand trap is very anoying and needs some work.

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Right now the Canadian Dollars is worth more than the u.s dollar and we still pay more on everything on psn. example: Rockband Boston pack is 9.99$ here aross the border where our money is worth more we have to pay 11.49$ ?!?! go figure.

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Those game are becoming to complex for gamer who just wanna play now and hit a ball.

The best example. Tiger Wood 08(ps3).
Fresh out of the box at my brother in law(Mike the mechanic guy) It took us at least 30 minutes for figure out how to get a skins going for 4 players started. No joke.

Now that we got it figured out it takes less than a minutes but just picture trying to get my Father in law (60 year old) to play with us. He is interested when we are p...

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I am a Sim Racer online (in a league) Gtr1/Gtr2 R-factor , race07 . I love realistic games and have a g25 wheel(Cluth and a 6 speed shifter).
If you wanna play Sim... play on pc any of these game and set it up to full sim and damage. If youve never played a sim racer before you'll crash on the first turn.

Gt5 and or Grid/RD and or Forza1/2 are NOT SIM at all. I will however give the nod to forza for trying harder than the other 2 . BUT .. Forza still feels arcade when yo...

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so 8.8 is crap right??? that means 95% of game are not good enough for you to play them right.

Retarded ...
Anyway dont get me wrong i loved gear of war from start to finish but come on. Gear of war got nothing on Mgs(any of them or has a bundle)

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What the hell .. you guy are talking like the game got a 6 or something. Anything about 8 is very good.

I wish those rating would stop or maybe have a standar.

Might as well have a 3 point score rating now because. aparently in between 7to8 the game is crap . 8/9 its ok and 9/10 is great ?

How bout a system like this. crap - Ok - Great .

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Of course like everyone when i saw 16gig i tough wow that would be cool. But not 500$ that is completely stupid. I can buy a 4gig card for 46$ here ... Do the math.

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Good one ! Also a little note for xbot fan .. GOW stands for GOD of WAR . no that other game.

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I have a PSP slim and i dont want it hacked and i wont buy game because the games are not very good.
Why the Fock would i buy game that doesnt look that great and that has bad control when i could buy myself a great game on my ps3/xbox or my 8800gtsli computer. I mean seriously.

Attach rate thingy that peoples keep talking about is such a load of horseshit. It has nothing to do with the success of a console and im tired of people bringing that up. If people dont buy game...

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How is it that i am getting disagrees ? it was a joke lighten up people.

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What!?! No one saying that Sony made more Fake screenshot then Microsoft and vice versa.

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Like everyone noted here there is many reason.
The biggest reason is the hardware. Why would someone dish out 2000$ for a good computer to play a games that wont even run as good as on the console (Assassins creed?? anyone).

But one of the biggest reason pc title are not selling as much is not just the fact that its pirated,
it is also because you cannot rent a pc games anywhere.
Think of it .
You got how many 100s of thousand of video store all o...

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She will come up with something. Saying that she new about it and cut and paste other text and crypt it out of there. Its like a card reader.. Say whatever you want as long that it include a broad ranges of thing then people(the internet) will believe you.

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This game is so long and you'll play for hours. Do you really want to play that long on your 360? RROD anyone?

Don't get me wrong i love the 360 but i just cant trust this system anymore. Ill go with the version that wont leave me without a system half-way trough the game.

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How do you know the 360 works fine on that tv?
Do you know personaly someone who owns this tv and has a 360?

To me its either a defective set or yes it has slow refresh.

To start saying again and again that its ps3 fault or that its 360 fault is getting retarded. Seem like every post is fanboyish in here. Getting pretty tiring. For every good post 4 are crap like that.

N4g is awesome... quick news for gamer , interesting articles from al...

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