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They should also remove that Banana from the monkey cause that's clearly racist towards all monkeys and stereotyping them.

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the war on boys/men is going the way of feminazi and they are winning way too easy.

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actually it is.

They did the animation and wanted it there. Its their work. They shouldn't be told by someone to remove it because of their daughter.

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They need to release a full demo of the game. Most people do this sh*t only to try it.
And 1.6M if they released it at 3 or 5$ they might have gotten a lot more sales.

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Resolution don't matter anymore. The post have been moved again.

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Merlin !!

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dat cloud

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As much as i like Windows10 on my laptop, i don't see this as being viable for gaming.

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lol at people above.. Since when does a 7 = not worth it ?
first of all its one person giving this score. If its a tittle your interested in i wouldn't let one person opinion decide what score you think it might be

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There is still sunset overdrive

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40ish is right.

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no one said it was. Why try to make something out of nothing again?

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I have said this a long time ago.

I am PC racing Sim enthusiast and been wanting to get Forza so bad on PC.

Forza and Halo were the main reason why i wanted a Xbo. But 350$ + Live and the price of games was too much, + i would have had to buy a Tx wheel base to play Forza. I really hope its coming to PC, lots of fun.

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No Xbox one version ? Again ?

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For those calling it a bad month again. Bro force is pretty Epic, i bought it on steam sale and the multiplayer coop is so much fun.

Galak-z i am very happy about it because i also almost picked it up on steam sale. Glad i didn't.

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It is .. I was waiting for the Vive , saved up almost 500$ for this. I think i am jumping out for now. At 799$ usd its too much.

Waiting for a price drop and by the time i get one maybe they will have a few good games bundled in as well.

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Game is not even announced and they are calling it a candidate to game of the year ?? is this a joke.. lol

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Where were these reviewer when Halo5 shipped with a less than 5 hours campaign ? The shortest in any Halo ever

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real world is like online. 20% of the world population is good. 80% is shit.

Why do you think everything is going to shit.

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Packed ham? That's called Spam lunch meat

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