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Being cool is fun.

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With no delays spring should be amazing.


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People are still bringing this up?! Idiots still get attention by bringing this shi# up?!?

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Waste of time!

EDIT : Seriously hope they have this ready by the time the PS4 and NEXTBOX drop though.

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The gore should be left intact imo but be maybe a little more sporadic in presence.

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Kojima sold out, hope it never happens again. At least we get PW.

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Warhawk on crack and I am fiending, 2012 is too goddamn faaar.

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I'm sure you wouldn't be happy if I offered you 4.7 million dollars either, right? Well you're just out of luck today because I'm not rounding up to 5 for you either. Sorry.

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I'd be pissed if I won that because I already have one and I'd be in India. Seriously us Sony fans get majorly irate when Sony tries to give free stuff!!

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FAIL ARTICLE. They forgot to mention to masturbate first and get a haircut.

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Man, R* is really dragging me down this gen. GTA5 was fun for about 5 minutes(I wasn't the only one who could see the step backwards from previous GTA's) RDR, well, let's just say I'm no western fan and just couldn't get into it. LAN looks to be another theme heavy GTA skin with great facial animations(I personally don't really care enough about digital facial expressions enough to part with 60$). We all know that if this game didn't have the R* label on it nobody...

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This review is


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I bought R:FOM with my PS3 and I was so addicted to the MP. It might have been that whole next gen deflowering effect but I don't know really. All I know is I loved the MP of that game. The map that was half indoor with the balcony wrapping around the upper level and half outdoor snow, I could play that all night. The MP gameplay for that game is as good as Warhawk and I will cry when they cut support.

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SURPRISE, SURPRISE! CRYsis and CRYtek has got the PC elitist community CRYing again today about how they've been shortchanged AGAIN! You are all so much better than CRYsis 2 and CRYtek! We get it already, you all deserve nothing but a product that is 10x superior to it's DEFINATELY inferior in all areas(including bulky packaging) console counterpart! Life must be hard for people who are are always getting screwed over so phenomenally!

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ZEUS!! Your son has arrived.

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The minute I heard that Crysis 2 would be coming out for consoles I was excited and it looks like it was for good reason. Best game I've played this year so far(I'm only half way through). I can't say if it's technically better than Killzone 3 but even if it isn't I'd say Crysis 2 is the better game to me based on gameplay and story. Dead Space 2 was better than Killzone 3 to me aswell but Crysis 2 trumps even that. Buying Mass Effect 2 with my next cheque, it really i...

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Dude, Crysis 2 shits on Black Ops. Maybe you weren't playing Crysis 2?

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Rockstar, Platinum, Square, Capcom, ECT. could all learn from Crytek. Glad the controversy can be put to rest. Can't wait to grab this tomorrow.

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I'm definitely picking this up but not at full price it needs to be at least half off or no sale and I want this game too. Just too many quality games coming out lately like DS2, KZ3, ME2, Crysis 2. For the first time in a long time it is actually hard to keep up with all these games. Who am I kidding, if I don't stay out of the mall I'll probably end up buying this too.

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