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Heaven for us gamepass users ;)

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I get the backlash over halo infinite not looking too good graphics wise but everyone is talking as if theyve played through the whole story and multiplayer and its terrible lol. I think other than the graphics the game looks like its gonna be quite good.

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Best looking (gameplay included) next gen game so far for me. Im sold. Rough release date anyone?

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Id love a remake/remaster with online

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I feel like there are still a LOT of game developers that still have that passion that youre talking about, its just about discovering them, I guess. But I agree!

Also back in those times all the developers really had to sell their games was THE GAME and a few tv ads, so they had to really deliver on that front. Now they can make a half assed game and hype it the hell up using the internet and make it look a lot better than it actually is.

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Because the rumours also say that ms are getting rid of gold to make multiplayer free for everyone on xbox live, while I guess putting most of the benefits of xbl gold into 1 subscription that also includes gamepass.

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Free roam/open world (red dead, gta etc). I get so bored of it these days lol

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Damn looks like you blew the case wide open bro

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Does MS having a new console exclusive hurt you that much?

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@TheRealTedCruz You deserve an award for saying it!

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Anything to downplay ;D

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Or maybe, just MAYBE ms are continuing their planned pr campaign as usual and this isnt a strategic plan to 1up sOnY. Inside Xbox was planned way before sony showed the new controller.

Was the dualsense reveal a move to 1up all the attention ms have been getting?

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Why do people always say things like this as if every company doesnt have a PR campaign when theyre bringing out something new?

You guys make it seem like ms is not allowed to do anything that is PR. When its sonys turn now the narrative changes.

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For me it:
Gears 3
Gears 2
Gears 1
Gears 4

Gears Judgement

1-4 are all very close for me though.

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How should an "exclusive game" feel?

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"keeping games off other studios". Tell me, are ms the only ones to do that?

Look at street fighter v

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I feel like when people don't see a "gritty, third-person single player game" they immediately right it off, as if that is the only type of game that can be good. Like damn, give the game a chance lol, we've seen a 1 minute trailer and still barely know anything about the game.

If im honest I think most of the hate is coming from the other camp, who wont even get to play the game anyway

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Console exclusive or Microsoft exclusive, take your pick.

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Except this game was in development before ms acquired them. Ms also offered Ninja Theory full creative control when they bought them so this game is ALL Ninja Theory. Not to say any of that is a bad thing, im more of a mp guy myself so im hyped

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