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Game developments are longer now and more people involved, more money needed. They used to release Final Fantasy and Ratchet every year and Tekken every two year at most.

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and where is Lost Soul Aside?

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Not mandatory i agree, but at the same time, companies like Microsoft have power to dictate where the market goes. Smaller developers doesn't have enough intelligent on how to read the market, but want it or not, the market gets disrupted by subscription, that's the reality. That makes them willing to sign and at the same time, reluctant. The smaller developers, even when they said GP was good, they can't answer convincingly, more like "yeah GP is good but....", they'...

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Then buy Take-Two - i know Rockstar is owned by Take-Two, my subconsciousness think Rockstar maybe because it's more famous -
Let alone Activision-Blizzard, never crossed my mind that MS would buy Zenimax. Never say never, at least, the intention may still happen.

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Saving up to buy EA & Rockstar

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The way the games are developed now, strip 4K, 60fps, and Ray Tracing from the game and anything can run on PS4/XBO

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sadly, next after RARE would be extinct...

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Not 80's haircuts and outfits

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You touch an opponent and die in retros, meanwhile playing Devil May Cry i just dropped my controller and watching 4-5 enemies circling Dante, took a while before the character died.

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Bobby Kotick

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Too early to tell about the game but the direction of the trailer looks very cheap, they could've made it more interesting, bad publication i think

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It's, what do you expect?.

So stop whining and make Xbox website or Xbox blog to make an interview. That way the interview will contain anything about the game on Xbox. Infinite stupidity. The sh*t is you.

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You might not be wrong, but i think he's more talking about "the non-fans in a specific time" in this case.

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Back to Nintendo's default setting

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Oh thank you...i always have problem with my eyes...but even so i stand my opinion.

This game reminds me of 2000s rpg, there were many rpgs back then with typical world, very cool looking character designs, complicated armor, colourful outfits, and "moe". They're quite rare these days (Tales of... and Star Ocean are some of them) with Final Fantasy being closer to real world tone and even Y's have been using more modest anime style graphic.

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Feels 2000s-ish

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Even on the scene project, modding, fansub, fantranslate, even with no money involved, the more people gather, the more the probability of a clash happen. That's just natural.

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DmC is better than DMC

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Yep, they should have at least 1 Japanese studio with 2 teams in it specialize in JRPG.

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--He also recounted a moment when a reviewer was brought in to test a beta version of The Last of Us and complained about the lack of boss fights and laser weapons.--

Demand for laser weapons...that sounds so "american" to me...

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