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Why didi you make such a pointless post ? All I did was ask a question if you didnt want to answer it fine but seriously whats with the personal attacks.

Seem to me that your the one that needs to grow up

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just curious does GT stand for Gran Trash or Garbage Turismo ?

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mastiffchild it pretty damn obvious why he said you stupid fanboys never read it. Can you even read ? Its an F'ing joke article you idiot

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Caffo01 take it you never owned a ps2 sony shipped out millions of those knewing full well before they shipped them that they never work. They lost a class action lawsuit cause of it.

Sony stole rumble tech the lied and try to say they invent causing them to lose another law suit sony is the greediest most unethical company out there . Well beside bp

MS spent over a billion dollars to fix their screw up and they didnt wait for the courts to force them t...

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wonder why $ony didnt ever make the announcement about them buying up gamespot ? Let face it this game was sub par the reviews for the game average at best. Yet gamespot pick it as rpg of the year the no other way to explain it other then $ony now owns gamespot.

Anyone with more then 2 brain cells know that the rpg of the year is Dragon Age

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I wonder how much money $ony spent to get that award. Dragon Age and Shadow Complex blow every other new ip out of the water.

Oh and btw retard oops raztard bungie didnt make any new ip this year you stupid [email protected]

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Funny how ps3 fangirls talk about exclusive when the ps3 almost not but flops. only real game they have is uncharted and even that is midcore.

The 360 has

Mass Effect

and the list goes on and on. Only reason to buy a ps3 is if you really want a piss poor blu ray player.

As for the psn catching up to XBL it will never happen cause sony has to wait for xbl to add new featu...

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rumor is they banned 600k - 1 mil 360 so think about how many of those hacker will run out and buy a new 360 now. I'd say it was a smart move not only will it increase sales but it will help clean up XBL

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another ps3 fangirl blog trying to pass as "news"

Fact is sony is losing money on the ps3

Fact MS is making money on the 360

so who is sweating who ?

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Once again the only game to play on the ps3 is the wating game. Its funny that may is the same month Alan wake is coming out. Sony is scared to death of the great 360 exclusives coming in 2010

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so 2 titles make it best ever what a joke. After all infamous was a flop and medcore game at best demon soul was even worse and R&C was just there normal yearly update. KZ2 and uncharted are the only 2 can look at as maybe being AAA KZ2 had the graphics, the hype and the scores (paid for by sony) but that actual game play was god awful. On to uncharted again great graphics and hype and more paid for reviews. how ever the game had average gameplay. It ends up be nothing more then a dumped...

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put a disc in a game system to watch movie man I wish someone had of thought of this a long time ago.

*looks of at the ps2* Oh nevermind

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Greywulf lets look at some of those innovations that sony used to raise the bar. 1st we have the psn a scaled down and poorly put together copy of xbl. We have the guide button copied from the 360 controller. Of course the sixasis controller sony's 1st failure at copying motion control from the wii. The they add "last gen" rumble to copy MS once again. Now they want to bring us the ps3 wand that is nothing more then a wii mote modded to to work on a ps3. There are also the achievem...

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I think people are readin to much in to the sales spike of the price drop. One all the numbers are uncomfirmed and plus they vary greatly for site to site reports from 500,000 to 190,000 in the 1st week. One site reported it only sold 40,000 in the uk. Of course the number everyone seem to be running with is the 500,000. The spike is already shown sign for dropping greatly. Personaly I think should wait at least till wee see the 1st month (2-3 month be best) sales for the NPD and the offiical...

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I said many times the MS should buy Sega and put the sega name on their system. I think I lot of the hate the xbox gets is cause it made by MS and for some reason its cool to hate MS.

Sega has long list of great exclusives. Panzer Dragoon(a personal favorite) Skies of Arcadia (another one I loved) Phantasy Star, Shining Force, Sonic, Valkyria Chronicles,Shenmue,Jet Set and a whole mess of "Virtua" games.

oh well

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Elven6 I dont know about that one but I do know they parntered with MS for the Dreamcast. It runs on a windows OS it even says windows when you start it up.

If sega made a dreamcast 2 they could take half there old saturn and dreamcast game revamp them and make a killing. Panzer Dragoon 1-3 in HD that right get me to buy one.

However if sega wanted to get back in to making systems it might be better for then to make a Game Gear 2. Handheld are selling like crazy...

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I dont play Halo i dont like halo so no i would not feel robbed cause i didnt buy it. Halo:Reach was announced at E3 before Halo ODST came out. Halo ODST comes with a Halo Reach beta code. Rumor is that Halo Reach will have a new engine that will have graphics on par or better then gears. So I dont think anyone you got odst would fill robbed and if the graphics are as good as they saying they will be then it could even help sell OSDT.

"4. Agent wa...

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What an idiot.

"Tokyo Game Show 2009 - What To Expect From Microsoft."

Then turn around and say umm I dont know anything way to go g4tv.

Well I dont know either but here a few things that we might see.

1. Footage of Halo:Reach sure the japanese could care less about it but it make headlines. It also help sell Halo ODST.

Btw yes MS stoled the show at E3. It Open with the beatles, they had Hideo Kojima on stage...

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kind of funny how they dont come out with 5 reason to dithc a 360. They just made up last 2 reason. 400 dollars for XBL a year ? 529 for a wifi? are they are crack ? The lifespan well lets see the 360 is going in to its 5 th year as the Lead HD console and doesnt look like its going anywhere soon.

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