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Well I think you and Diablo Immortal are trash, oh the poor multi billion dollar corporations, who will save them? Not giving this "article" any clicks.

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Black Cat DLC is bringing 3 suits, going to assume the 2 after will bring new suits as well.

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"native" 4k could still mean dynamic resolution scaling, which is pretty much what I've learned about this generation.

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Dude are you being serious? If that isn't plagiarism, I don't know what is.

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"In general, Microsoft's approach to gaming with Xbox is friendlier to gamers than Sony's with the PlayStation. Though there are excellent exclusive games on the PS4, the Xbox One — and Xbox as a whole — is the platform I'm more confident in going forward."

Going forward? So what does that have to do with buying a PS4 or Xbox One right now lol. Pretty piss poor article, it's not even a question of which console is the better buy right now and movin...

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Agreed, kind of like the whole situation with Detroit running "native 4k"

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lol no. End of story.

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Dude, A. Spoilers on launch day and B. There is no "how to", you just play the game and get them eventually. What a lame attempt to ruin the game with a clickbait title.

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nice to see Pro/X1X getting proper support/options

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Yeah this temporal injection thing looks incredible in Ratchet and Clank.

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They should recover enough goodwill because of their recent moves for the next generation of consoles. As someone who prefers Playstation, I want direct competition. Nintendo is doing their thing but for Playstation to push boundaries they need a strong Xbox Brand competing with them.

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Because f*** you, give us more money

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As a PS4 Pro owner, nice update for the X!

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Playstation sneakers not for gamers but scalpers and sneakerheads with an extremely limited quantity? What a joke.

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I think the difference in this gen is the mid cycle PS4 Pro, a price drop there by $100 will provide a bump in sales imo.

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Great for owners of 1080p screens and the Pro but for me, don't see all that much yet (Pro owner with a 4K screen)

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Short answer: No.

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good now make a proper MvC

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