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Consoles thrives on exclusives if there's no exclusives there's no incentive to owning a console. It would be absolutely better just to have a pc.

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Ghost of tsushima runs at 4k 60 on ps5

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It's good that Microsoft now has exclusives. Exclusives are what drive consoles sales. But having said that, still all Xbox exclusives are on pc so it's still better to play them on pc and have a ps5 only for PlayStations exclusives.

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The game doesn't run well enough to engage in pvp. Bethesda Studio games run notoriously bad. When they're willing to make improvements to that ancient engine or develop an entirely new one then people will be more willing to engage in pvp.

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$599 components are not that cheap. Otherwise they will be selling at a massive lost.

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It doesn't conserve anything cause it's still on.

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The DS4 is the worst controller of this gen with it's abundance of gimmicks that don't do much (touchpad, speaker and lightbar), bad dpad, drifting joysticks and low build quality. I just hope there's some third party options at launch or that we could use the ones that are out already.

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Yeah new controller is gonna be trash for sure. I'm gonna deactivate the haptic feedback as soon as i get it. I just hope you can turn the other gimmicks off too to conserve battery cause as it stands now the controller battery life is gonna be really bad.

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I think what happened with COD Modern Warfare was that this is the first game that follows the new rule by Sony for developers to make games divided in parts so you can uninstall the part that you already completed and aren't gonna use anymore to save space.

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On the contrary it's shaping to be really bad. I just hope there's third party alternative s at launch.

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Zombies are trash, multiplayer is trash like it's been since modern warfare 4. The only good thing about this game is Blackout and that for me isn't worth $60.

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You cannot be serious, the beta sucked real hard. It was a snorefest. I was snoozing on every corner of the first mission, awful sound design, almost identical graphics to the first game, same inventory, same interface same powers with little diferences, same animation, same movement styles. I also tried the multiplayer and it was boring as well bland maps with nothing dynamic with only 8 people in a match 4 v 4. Instead of making a bigger better game they eliminate things and left everything...

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Woo Ubisoft the worst video game company at this moment. With their shitty, uninspired rehash, micro transactions heavy games made for mindless "gamers".

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Personally i don't hate the Scorpio there's nothing for me to hate. I just find it useless. Cause let's​ be honest what's the point of it? Microsoft has no exclusives and the handful that it has are on pc so wouldn't​ it be better to just build a pc? Unless they find a way to sell it at $400 i don't see anybody besides true hardcore xbox fans buying it.

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It's awesome! It's the only game i play online. Just got the platinum too, a couple days ago when my internet was acting up.

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It seems that the problem here is his kids. He wants to play ps4 or xbox games but he can't cause his kids or maybe his wife won't let him play. The way i see it. He has 2 options

1.Get a divorce so he can play in peace all he wants
2. Just endure a couple of years until his kids grow.

Hell he's better just teaching those kids valuable stuff like science, math, maybe a sport or how to exercise properly until they're big enough to ...

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This comment section is retarded, the truth is that if the scorpion is too expensive $600 or more is not gonna sell. The only way is if they manage to sell it at $450 or less. Console gamers are cheap. Plus is just better to build a PC cause all of Microsoft games are on PC.

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Days gone has to be the most uninspired game ever. In a media plague by zombies, who the fuck thought "let's make another zombie game" I hope it bombs hard for the devs not being brave enough to come up with something original or at least something not as milked as zombies.

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