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Its still small. Im still low on space.

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yup of course not at 4k. no reason to have 4k on a 1080p or 1440p monitor

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it can. its a combination of seeing and feeling all that butter

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it would've had to have been delayed again

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I don't play in my living room. My ps5 is right next to me by my monitor. I can hear it but its so quiet its no big deal.

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I meannnnnn. In mass production 200 is a hell of a lot more. Of course a 399 digital ps5 is a better deal but its sooooooo hard to get one.

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its 300 dollars idk what you expect.

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My cousin bought it on xbox and i gameshared. I paid for my ps5 copy. and yes its true. both consoles crash and reset every once in a while.

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This game crashed my series s and my ps5. Idk whats goin on. Doubt its bricking consoles though

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on the UI they'll for sure pass PS up on. But in terms of controllers helll no.

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Yeah but im excited for new lighting as well. Lumen was amazing looking.

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Screen tearing doesn't happen in Valhalla on SX when its in 60fps mode. It does only happen in 120fps mode for some reason.

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Stability Screeeeeech! aalllgllolwowowlwlwowlwwlowwls ossslowowowowowowwwlwl

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This may be true and the disc version is wayyy easier to obtain

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Of course. It was obvious that sonys bc isn't as good. But, then again. DMC only loading like a second faster which is miniscule.

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Better? Nah its not. Sekiro was 1800p checkerboarding from 1080p or 1440p vs 1800p native. Thats why you see the discrepancies because pro is basically software upscaling from a much lower res.

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It's probably sonys bc thats not as polished but hey. Only time will tell.

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Just try to get one from your store with in-store pickup.

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Of course. They got more worldwide brand recognition.

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gotta get a ps5 for that buddy. not in sonys interest to put games on pc as fast as ms does. pc is the afterthought after console is done.

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