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It is mad on how the switch sold but when all said and done a great little console that ticks all the boxes for a Nintendo gamer. Only issue for me is I still feel nintendo need to give us some more of its big name games.

As for the Xbox with the direction Microsoft are going I don't see the Xbox outselling Nintendo or Sony but with xbox consoles, pc & xcloud I see them making alot of money in games revenue. Gamepass is unrivaled at the moment and with the new Micro...

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I still find this native 4k side funny. I will always perfer 60+fps over 4k30.

Games tend to feel better and after moving to pc last gen I don't see myself going back to consoles if games go back to being 30fps. It's mad I look at a game like Forza horizon for an example and it was always a 30fps game and I was OK with it. Then I got the Xbox x and playes it 1080p 60fps and 4k 30fps and yes 4k looked stunning but it was like playing 2 different games.

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They won't change. Just like it's not changes for films and music.

It's a choice. Some people pay monthly is best others like to own it. Just like digital and packaged games.

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It's called options. You can subscribe to a service but also still own your game. No one else in consoles offer this. Great for parents, people with less cash to.

Also Microsoft are bringing pc and xbox closer in terms of games played. Look at the amount of games you can play on pc that are 20 years old or more.

More choice people have the better.

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Yeah I agree I also think we will see my Sony PlayStation exclusives on pc down the line. Its not really a threat to consoles in terms of the difference between the two but there is a massive market Sony are missing out on especially in the creative game side.

Feel games like lbp would do wonders on a pc.

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I get that but I feel nintendo games seem to keep the price well. Even traiding prices have always been higher for Nintendo ips.

Something about Nintendo games abit like apple products that keep the price well. Plus people still buy them.

If you look at the big Sony ips for example they tend to be top of the charts for 2 or 4 weeks then drop down Nintendo big ips stay in the top. Always seems to be a demand for them.

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That is just a part of life. I always had some old consoles and games but as I got older I started playing them less.

I then got married had a child and have very little time to play games with other things in life to.

I decided to sell all my consoles 2 years ago now as I was playing them less and less easily with having my little boy.

He is now 4 and guess what he wants to do. Play games. I have a pc and we often play games on it but ...

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Not once did i say Nintendo will put its games in gamepass but having gamepass on switch is great for them. At the end of the day it will be limited to streaming but will help drive switch sales and also games to.

I am also not saying it will happen but it could happen. Sony Microsoft and Nintendo all need each other. Remember when people said ps games will not be on pc and now we are seeing them? At the end of the day where they all see they can make £ they will all d...

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@waverider i see someone gets a little to excited when numbers are announced.

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I dont see them making hardware together but i can see xcloud on the switch. I still see Nintendo keeping all its games exclusively to the switch to.

I feel Microsoft know they cant get in the Asian Market but if gamepass is on the switch this is a way in.

Look at how many swotches have been sold in the Asian market. Even if a quarter of this market subscribes to gamepass Microsoft are ££££ in. 0

I still think its a ...

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This is what i always find funny about demos like the ue5 one. They are tech demos not games. Remember the zelda tech demo from Nintendo years ago?

Once you add everything to a game then it will never look as good.

For me i dont need a game to make my mid blown away. This gen seems to be about fps and for me how it should be. Ide rather have a gaming running at 60fps and look good than running at 30fps and look really good. You dont sit and admire the vi...

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The funny thing is Microsoft have done things like this before. Zune pass was one of if not the 1st music subscription service that offered most gores of music and bads, let you keep 10 songs a month and also share songs with other people.

As usual with Microsoft they did not shout about it and others came along and grew bigger and were more popular to.

That said gamepass seems to be something they are shouting about and giving everyone a reason to get i...

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I have to disagree with you on this. If we go back quite a few years pc gaming was hard and a pain in the a$$.

I moved from console gaming in 2019 to pc due to having less time to game with now having a family. Bought a ryzan 5 2600x & 1070ti as i dont own a 4k tv (plan to next year when we move home) but looked at the processor and graphics card and could see it ran most games hight 60fps at 1080p.

Jummped over and i...

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Wow look at everyone crying over who is selling better than the others. Only thing to take out if this is all 3 sold weel at the start abd looks good for gaming.
Once stock starts to come in, price comes down and the big games come out the numbers for the ps5 and xs x/s should start to go crazy.

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I feel only Microsoft at this moment in time get cloud gaming.

I feel cloud gaming needs to be another option to play your games you own/rent.

If you look at how xcloud is being marketed its the new remote play but let's you play all your owned Xbox games where ever and however you want.

I feel having access to your Xbox when out and about is the option everyone wants but when at home they want the console/pc to have the best experi...

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It's mad to think how far Nintendo slipped with the wiiu but bounced back with the switch.

Alot of people called them out when it came out but even though for me I lived the wiiu the switch was the move Nintendo needed to make.

They are the kings of the handheld market and struggle with the home console side when go with power ect. But putting the console out like it is now makes them a force again.

I agree if the switch gets a pro...

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So they are doing what Microsoft did with the 360.knew they would not win in Europe or Japan so pushed USA and UK. I feel if Sony or Microsoft want to do well in Japan they need to look at a handheld console.

We all know they love them there but would Sony enter this market again after the psv. Personally I hope they do.

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Yeah I agree. They look better but it's the small details now that look better. I also feel since games have started looking amazing so to speak we have lost alot of the pickup and play fun ones we have had before. As everything is more complex now.

I'm not saying we don't have great games now just feel we get to many of the same type of games now.

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Amazing sales and personally this is the best move Nintendo could of made in terms of what console it needs to stay alive in the market. I still think the wiiu was the better console and games lineup in its short time on sale but its each to there own.

Glad Nintendo are back as selling millions of consoles and just hope they start to bring more of its ips out with a few more new ones.

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I fell like console gaming is becoming abit like the new pc graphics cards. More powerful ect but don't need it at launch had some games that show off its power but don't need one on day one anymore.

Look at both the ps4 and xbox series and they have nothing to shout about at the moment.

Even last gen was alittle like that. I feel with the 3 year cycle now being set as a standard console launch will be less and less hyped each time it happens.

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