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Anybody who wants to share their Vita with somebody else (family, friend, etc.)

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Team Fortress 3
Half Life 2: Episode 3
Half Life 3
Left4Dead 3
Portal 3
Dota 3 (but not really)

Pretty much any of their games :P

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Strongly recommend that NOBODY buy the Prince of Persia Trilogy. It's a horrible, horrible mess. I never played the games when they originally came out, and I couldn't get past the first hour of the original, even though I really wanted to.

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"Uncharted 3 less than better than anything Xbox"

...The hell?

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Best or worst acronym ever?

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Met this guy at the Australian launch for Uncharted 3. Awesome guy, very genuine and friendly :)

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$20 off until the 9th as well

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"Originally expected for a November release"

Wait a minute... Anyway, I'm just glad it's finally arrived! Definitely buying this tomorrow.

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...Why are they all speaking English?

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Ummmm, weren't those trailers identical?

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Wait, what? But that screen shots show different models (gun, ladder on left)... I thought it was just textures?

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The dashboard isn't a Live feature. Just because you can't utilise the icons that are sitting on it doesn't mean it isn't there.

This new dashboard entirely has to do with the 360's OS, nothing else.

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...What does this have to do with Live?

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How did she became any kind of figure in the videogame world is beyond me. Well, not really, it's because she's an attractive female.

She has very little knowledge of gaming, exhibit A:

(Warning, Portal 2 spoiler)

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Some members of thatgamecompany were joking on their forums about it being released early December, so take that as you will ;)

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I wouldn't but any of Ubisoft's HD remakes after the mess that the Prince of Persia Trilogy was.

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Not really a trailer... More a summary of the gameplay demonstration :P

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@FatOldMan and Perjoss

I believe REDHULKSMASH is referring to console versions getting lower resolution textures and models which would take up less space.

To take FatOldMan's analogy and improve on it - It's like having a 1000 page novel and having an abridged version at 250 pages. Sure the story's the same, but there's detail missing.

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Here's a question though, why did Snake even need to go in there? The only 'person' that needed to go through there is Otacon's robot (name escapes me) :P

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I'm with OpiZA, this isn't really news.

Celebrities liking a piece of media shouldn't be news worthy.

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