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Milliions = 0.1% of China's population. I would say.. not a big deal. Move along!

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I think the one company that might fair the best in the long run is AMD/ATI. They have experience on both sides of this equation. Intel will make a mistake or two because they are still learning how build GPU's. And Nvidia is trying to build CPU like devices. AMD/ATI has knowledge of both things in house. But that is a really simplistic view. I am sure there are about a million things I haven't accounted for.

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Intro Section:
- You said "Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Counter Strike, Starcraft, Warcraft III, and World of Warcraft etc… " All of these games are coming out on the PC. The only notables that aren't PC exclusives are Valve created games, and they are still best on the PC.

Exclusive Section:
- Who is Sith Lord Jim, and why do you keep quoting him? What makes him quote worthy?
- I think you are using revisionist history. A lot of people think of Nintendo and ...

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Patents DO have something to do with Custom Soundtracks. MS patented the feature to play music at the OS level. So Sony cannot implement that w/o paying Microsoft. So that is an issue.

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That Sony is holding the 2.40 firmware until E3. We have been waiting a long time for this functionality and for them to hold it just to get a 'buzz' or a bump in PR is disappointing. When it's ready release it. PS3 owners have been 'delayed' on a bunch of items Sony has promised. LBP, Killzone, in game XMB, and Home.. come the f on. Release it when it's ready don't hold it for PR reasons.

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"But you seriously think only 10% of people will want more than one character? come on... Thats a huge understatement. First you say its 10% then its 5%. come on..."

I said only 10% of people online WILL pay more. I said nothing about how many WANT extra slots.

I mentioned 5% in terms of all the people WHO BUY THE GAME will pay. I made a subtle change to the equation, and I didn't explain it, so I understand why you missed the difference....

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"Kinda makes a $1 a week for XBL not look that bad. If true this will be a huge crack in the "PSN is free" argument. Can't wait to see hardcore Sony fans defend this."

How is this a huge crack in the PSN is free argument? Konami is the one charging for characters not Sony.

Konami could have allowed 1 character per PSN account, but they chose not to do that. They decided to allow one account per PS3 machine. So to me it looks li...

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I am sure they won't be doing that in the future. Online reviews are all about who is first, not best. Think 24 hour cable news. Just get it out and worry if the story is correct later.

I wish they would wait to see how multiplayer works out but I wouldn't bet on it.

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I smell a tad bit of bull turd here. When they reviewed rainbow six vegas two for the PS3 they didn't 'hang on' to their review to see how the real servers where in that game. From thier own review "the single-player campaign was never the star of Vegas. Multiplayer and co-op are where the fun really lies and the same is true in the sequel." They put out their review day and date with the game release and never mentioned that was a horrible train wreck on the PS3 online multiplayer ...

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"sev1512 of playstationlifestyle.net writes:"

You mean "I wrote this peice on playstationlifestyle.net:" ;

Besides the rumored date is the 18th of this month not the 10th. So I don't see how this 'not news' is news.

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Donalebane: Stupid article, or stupid headline?

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I am glad I read the comments before clicking the link. I had a feeling it was just a headline to get attention.

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PC gaming does cost more. But as of right now games are $10 cheaper, DLC is normally free, and you get other things than just games (IE Itunes, etc..)

To call a $600 video card obsolete after 1 year is just plain wrong. Look up the definition of obsolete. Also you don't have to replace your monitor every time you buy a new computer. I have a 21' CTR Sony Triniton for about 7 years now. I have had 3 different computers hooked up to it.

People always over exaggerate th...

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How long has PC gaming been 'dieing' now? It's been a really long time. I figured it would have kicked the bucket by now if there was any truth to it.

I love how people are trying to take Valve to task when Valve released Portal arguably the most innovative game of last year.

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Torrents are hardly a new tech. Torrents and pirated PC games have been out for a long time and PC gaming still isn't dead. So I don't see how torrents will all of a sudden be able to kill PC gaming when it hasn't been able to do so yet.

The rising cost of development seems to be pushing game to multiple platforms. Heck Street Fighter 4 is coming out on the PC. Capcom has been really supporting the PC.

I love how consoles are now PC's, yet some console owners love to...

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Can someone tell me what "pre Windows Vista" means. Typo?

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but lets not hold Joystiq up as an example of what gaming journalism should be. Their site is utter crap. Joystiq is a blog not a professional journalism.

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"That means that we will have shipped Gears of War and Gears of War 2 before they can even get Killzone out the door."

WE? We have shipped Gears and Gears 2? Well then I guess 'we' also shipped UT3 for the PS3 and Unreal Engine. Because Epic shipped Gears, Gears2 not MS.

I think a lot of what he is saying is completely valid. Sony has lied. Call them on it I am fine with that. But don't try to take credit for things you haven't done.

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I take issue with his question of “What’s the equivalent of three frets for Madden?” The short answer is there is no three fret equivalent in Madden.

He is comparing two derivative products and not looking at the inherited rules of the base products. Madden derivative of American football and Rock Band derivative of creating a band and playing music. I think my main problem with this comparison is a competitive game like football has a rule set that can’t be abstracted away. At s...

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Just because it's the highest review scoring game ever doesn't make it the best game of all time. If you read about how most sites do reviews it is not based on where game X fits into the greatest games of all time list. Some have tried to say since it's the highest reviewed game of all time that it should be put in that conversation, but I think that is false.

I would also take issue with GTA is popular because it's American Funniest Home videos. While there is that aspect of it...

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