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They should just declare support is stopped for the game, so people can move on, so no more bad things coming to and from this poor game :P

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You mean the 450 players playing right now? >.<

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TBH I am quit disappointed with what the trailer show to us. I finished Tales of Arise, and it looks like visually this Star Ocean is not on par with it. I am veteran and followed Star Ocean and Tales-of series. I hope more information about this game will give better impression.

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Tales of game series have been always my favorite and must-play since Playstation era, along with Final Fantasy series too. This time, Tales of Arise is indeed one of the best of Tales series, if not the best. I am still playing it, currently 80+ hours playtime.

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One of the best game overall 2020 and 2021 despite the F2P microtransaction stigma.

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Nintendo....why you release a cheap upgrade?

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I will be forced to use online login to set up my PC...? No thanks, sh*t.

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Would Microsoft try to compete with Steam and Epic, after they fail on console (compete Sony)?

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I hate how the article mention Final Fantasy Tactic but it is actually not in the list. Also this article does not know the game Brigandine: Legend of Forsena. Too bad.

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N O . . .

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Changed? Yes.
Better? Not really.

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Why microsoft always talking something that is really far in date, and then when we forgot about it, they also don't release it.

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I know this game. It seems they were looking at how succesful Genshin Impact is, and decide to release the game to the PC too. This game has gacha system too. But I think the gameplay presentation is not as good as how Genshin Impact is. This game is turn-based with 2D scroll world exploration.

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RIP Anthem

I was playing Anthem

I want more from Anthem

But they were just killed it

Don't expect me to support them anymore

They will need to prove it in hard ways from now on.

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Genshin Impact

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Stupid console really. Trying to hold the advance technology, while PC is already out there? Is this all because of money. Microsoft should just make another Nintendo Switch version of their Xbox.

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Genshin Impact is not nominated for Mobile Game of the Year.

Such a disappointment for me personally.

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What about Android?

Awesome game btw

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Great game!

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Just another good game, but not great. It is simply a cumulative things from good things have been existed in other open world and RPG games before, with punk theme.

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