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The article fails to mention that Sony and Guerrilla Games weren't the ones who ever coined the term, "Halo Killer", it was the media who did that and everyone ran with it!

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Killzone Confirmed!/s

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Been Playing Gt Sport since launch ...Extremely satisfied and mesmerized by the obvious automotive love polyphony Digital has made. Just got my all time fave Le Mans gr.3 Mazda 787b! The Hellcat a ridiculous car, cant turn!

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Looks great! Fuji is a fast F1 track and a classic. I know GT will add Laguna Seca sometime!

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lunch Money to google...

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I would love a Killzone 2 re-master. I always felt like it was extremly "warlike".

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As I was reading the article, I wondered if region free game consoles were included in this U.S. federal law, turns out the ps4 and Sony are mentioned..

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Edge gave Killzone 2 a 7/10. Thats dumb from them imho.

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One of the reasons I favor PlayStation over the others is because of games like MGS4 and Gran Turismo. As soon as MGS4 started, almost instantly I felt the passion that Kojima was about to unleash on my senses. The superior sound, graphics, dialog, voice acting, story and more were evident from jump! Same goes for GT and Kazunori Yamauchi, every time I boot up GT sport and the opening movie starts and the orchestra begins and the automobile history videos begin to play, I get that same feelin...

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I find it interesting that "Playstation Universe" gives GOW a 9.5, and "Polygon" gives it a 10/10...funny but cool!

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God of War...Day One!

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Remember when Killzone 2 was getting 6's and 7's and Halo odst was getting 9's and 10's..sot doesn't seem like a 4 to me from the streams and videos I've seen. It seems reviews are coming around full circle in the gaming world.

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Yup...Look at speed run vids..My 12 year old beat it 4 times and moved on, its really not that difficult as I said.

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To all the new Bloodborne players that are worried about the rumored difficulty and the myriad of deaths that will come your way, I too had those concerns before playing Bloodborne and I'd like to say that the struggle is totally worth it! My main point I'd like to convey about this games difficulty is that it really isn't that difficult. To be clear, what you will realize very early on, really right after your very FIRST death is that unlike a lot of "difficult" games e...

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Pre-Ordered, Day One

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He says it lacks commercial appeal without seeing any gameplay! He probably said the same when the first God of War was announced without gameplay! ...."who would play a game based on old, greek god stories.."

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did they take the ocean at the end! give our ocean back! Now I want to fight for them mining our planet!

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I'm actually giddy with anticipation!

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Guerilla Games with Killzone does it right..but they don't get the love..

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The article is actually very well written by an accomplished author. I just followed the site based on this article.
The title is changed from the GamerBliss title.

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