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I just bought the new wolverine controller for PC. First thing I did was turn off all vibrations and set the triggers to the shortest distance as possible haha. All my friends that play competitive do the same. I remember I used to think haptics were kind of neat until I turned them off and found the experience much better and not only that but my aim much better too. I get people that like them though for immersions or whatever, but not for me. I would rather have a more comfortable experien...

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1080p @ 120 fps is fine. I don't see anything wrong with that.

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PC will always be king. The funny thing is consoles are all x86 now so technically they are just PC's. But low end PC's.

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The appeal is that no games have a solid frame rate, so without VRR you either have VSYNC "which results in stuttering" or you have screen tear if you don't have VSYNC. All gaming monitors these days have VRR, it is pretty much a must.

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Pretty misleading headline. Xbox uses VRR, PS5 does not. The frame rate is actually on average higher on the Xbox Series X and the screen tearing is not a thing with VRR. Only an issue for gamers living in the past, ie console gamers haha

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I do find it funny that almost all the games available right now are 30fps. Console gaming really is so far behind.

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I mean people are beating Spiderman in 8 hours or less and paying 50 dollars, seems about on par.

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Why is PS5 Launch gem in the title lol. It is an iPhone game.

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Sony has been releasing games on PC too. And better versions. There is really no point to Consoles anymore.

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@NeoGamer232: And Spiderman MM is on PS4. And only 8 hours long. If you already have a PS4, hard to see that game justifying a purchase if you already have a PS4.

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Yeah, this is the first time I have not preordered a PS in a long time. I just don't see a reason. Neither console has much pull at launch in my opinion. But if someone has a lot of money sitting around I suppose why not too haha

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Honestly just get a PC. It was already better than both of them before they even entered the development stage. It has more games, more variety of games, more store options, more service options. More and better everything.

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I am a PC gamer personally. But never had a shortage of games. Backlog is getting a bit overwhelming. Part of that reason is games on PC are usually created to last us more than 1 day.

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Is that the game the game everyone is finishing in one day?

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Interesting. This was supposed to be the one thing Sony did right.

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I know, you said yours was connected through your TV. I was just trying to say it would be very strange to have a SONOS setup for only an Xbox and nothing else haha

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I guess if the Xbox is the only thing you own. But the connection to Sonos should always be through your receiver or TV.

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Either you clicked the wrong link or cannot read.

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Not sure about the hardware implementation, but the Dolby Atmos virtual implementation requires a separate license. If they can do it themselves it could cut cost

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