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Probably how they duped customers into buying a PS4 ""Pro"" in the first place lol

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Shame for those users who bought the wrong console you mean. Can't feel great waking up to realize you will be playing the lesser version of the biggest game this year. Mistakes were made.

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That sucks. I have a 2017 LG but I have no issues. Looks great.

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Don't care about Avatars but Dolby Vision on Netflix is very nice indeed.

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Well of course haha. But grinding light levels and god roll guns is what keeps us busy in between

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I hope they bring cross play to Destiny 2. It is kind of funny how much better my KD is on PS4 vs Xbox and especially compared to PC. Let the noob floodgates open!

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Very nice. Gamers win!

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I plan to play it but just too busy with Destiny at the moment.

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Can't believe this will be on GamePass day 1.

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House of Wolves ahead of Rise of Iron... Come on. Rise of Iron was amazing. That raid is up there as the best and the quests were so complex and rewarding. Not to mention the guns and their progression were so well done. House of Wolves didn't even have a raid. I remember that DLC basically killed clans since they had no 6 player activities. I would actually rank House of Wolves as the worst overall.

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one of the greatest games of all time!

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Going to take some time for developers to target these new cards. And maybe some never will on older games, it will still run them better than anything else though.

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But why, D2 reviewed extremely well with the story being a high point. The Osiris story was weak but vanilla d2 story was well regarded.

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What was wrong with the story in vanilla D2? I remember liking it just fine. Had a fun twist on our power. There were some things that didn't add up in the sense there are literally millions of us guardians but if you can get over that hurdle it was a fun story. I didn't grind vanilla D1 that hard since there were some issues with the gear having static roles etc but I still had over 200 hours in it. Which is way more than most games I play. I wouldn't argue with the value. But th...

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Best video game available on any platform right now. If you aren’t playing Destiny 2 right now, you are missing out.

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So epic. Bungie is killing it lately.

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How can you give controls a 4? You can say a lot of things about Destiny, but the gameplay has always been amazing.

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How come? Worried they are more skilled lol

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Lol, the loot cave is still to this day the most coordinated thing I have seen random gamers accomplish together.

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