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I agree with censorship only if the subjective title has gratuitous material in its game (extreme violence, inappropriate adolescent behaviour). I remember when people has a major issue with Xenoblade Chronicles X (and rightfully so).

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"With a forty hour battery, USB C charging and wireless play, the pro controller is easy to get set up and incredibly user-friendly. To add on, the ability to scan Amiibo, take screenshot and film short gameplay clips right on the controller makes it perfect for the Switch, just as it should be with this asking price."

Also; Gyro functionality.

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Was expected, though nonetheless - this is a potential system seller for the Switch (hopefully online play is free for this game).

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I see it as a missed opportunity. The Switch is selling really well, so it seems counterproductive not to put software (if it can run it) on a hot selling gaming console.

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Kudos to all involved (especially Sony). Nintendo's been a little lackadaisical in this quarter on their 1st/2nd party software front, though that'll soon be redeemed this coming summer. 3DS sales surprised me (in a good way).

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Nintendo really thought ahead. They're not getting the conventional 3rd party support Microsoft and Sony usually thrive off of, though indies and mobile app developers are providing the Switch with a huge amount of software (this game is apparently exclusive).

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For the consistent negativity Nintendo receives (and rightly so, considering certain aspects of the company's baffling decisions), there's a lot of people who want Microsoft and Sony to be "more like Nintendo." It's probably software related, though in this case...

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This is indefensible, yet here we are with people choosing a gaming corporation over victims of unfortunate circumstance.

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People are only seeing: "Nis America apologies to SNK and Sony," where the bigger story is: "The truth is that the Nintendo Switch exclusive plan was originally decided by NIS America, and only later among discussions with influential SNK people did we decide the best option moving forward would be to have as much exposure as possible."

People claimed that Nintendo paid for the exclusive when in actuality, they didn't.

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Microsoft offers the most powerful gaming console (currently), true backwards compatibility, and cross play.

Who's really "for the gamers," I have to wonder.

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People (the media in particular) want to downplay and bad talk Microsoft and much as possible. Apparently, they'll never forgive Microsoft from that stunt they pulled when Don Mattrick was in charge. Sony had one of the biggest security breaches in gaming history, and come out unscathed after all that.

When will gamers forgive Microsoft as they did for Nintendo (for the Wii U) and Sony?

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Microsoft and Sony are engaged in a gaming console specs war. Nothing fanboy about this statement; Micosoft have deeper pockets than Sony.

It'll be interesting to see who falters first.

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Microsoft and Sony better watch out by releasing new consoles too soon. Sega did exactly that, and their consumer base replied by not buying their hardware.

Obviously it won't be the same because the older models will still be able to play certain newer games (like Apple and their different phone models). Though I have to wonder if the casual consumer audience will be bothered by it, cause after all; they make up for the majority of console sales.

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Fifa 18 is both on the UK and Japan eshop list. I'm sure EA is content with its sales.

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It's the "pay for online" service. Everyone scoffed at Microsoft for putting online behind a paywall, though Sony extremists had no problem with the PS4 locked behind a paywall. Once the Switch is gated behind a paywall, Nintendo will have the same results or better.

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An EA game underperformes on the PS4 and Xbox 1's massively combine console base: "Welp."

EA on anything regarding Nintendo: "shdhdhdhhdhdjdnfndhdndnf hcgdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdbxhdhdh fhdhfhrhxiskehfhfjfhdidhdbfhfhr urhdhdhdufhfjfhdjfhchfhdhdhfhfu fhfhfhhfhfjdhdbrhrudhdheisifjfh d!" (The gibberish represents the unlimited amount of excuses EA uses not to support the hotly selling Switch).

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Jim Sterling article;

(PS3 fanboys are the worst)

He's another gem;

(Reviewer targeted for giving Uncharted 4 negative review. Uncharted 4 voice actor signs petition to remove negative review from metacritic).

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It just goes to show that launching a game on PS4 and PC alone, isn't always a guaranteed success (which you could say the same for any other gaming platforms plus PC combination). Cliffy B's been know to fan the flames of console rivalry when he was a part of the Unreal family, so maybe Sony fans still hold a grudge against him. Freezing the Xbox community out, is the one of worst case of "bitting the hand that feeds you," I've ever noticed regarding gaming.

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When you look at Nintendo in retrospect and compare them to what they are today, the times surely have changed. They're advertising a lot more on television, youtube and Twitch (which has helped brought in more awareness to their brand and products).And they've acknowledged that having exotic hardware with poor API tools and documentation will erode away developer support of their platforms.

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EA: "We'll see how well NBA 2K sells on Switch before we port Live on Switch."

*No Simulation-type hockey game on Switch*

EA: "Nah... We won't put NHL on the Switch 😎"

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