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What game has this sham done in the past 20 years. Most overrated man alive. A gorrila throwing barrels. A plumber picking up mushrooms. Aye stellar games design. Mans a clown.

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Breath of the wild was shite. Id ratber play the orignial nes game than that muck. Weapons breaking. Nah ill pass of that gimmick.

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How is this determined? 8 was under the impression that the preorders for both systems where sold out. Not denying rhta PlayStation will sell more but just wondering how this calculation can be done.

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I want more. Id live if game pass came to Nintendo or even if Microsoft bought Nintendo.

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There are people without jobs and those lucky to have them in our current climate. I'd bite your hand off for a 6 day week right now.

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Which countries still have the X?

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Don't agree with everything in the review. How can one complain about certain soldiers not having certain abilities if that's the whole point of having a variety in the cast. That said the game is littered with game breaking bugs. Had times when characters where stuck on ladders forcing a restart from save and on occasions sometimes items wouldn't appear on character among other bugs.

Game is a terrible port but that said even the HD remaster on pc was a shit sh...

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Game prices go up. I buy fewer games. I now pick and choose games whereas I would have experimented and gambled on titles wich, in the end, means I will be spending less.

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Ah becuase traveling back to a location just to get a weapon sounds like fun. Terrible game design.

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Stunning and brave.

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really? in what way? I thought it was a perfect game. Didn't shoehorn a pointless open world in when not needed, perfect hub world that was immersive unlike say the new Gears of War that was brutally bland. (and I like Gears of War)

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The 2018 game is far superior than the games that came before.

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agreed the first one is among the best metroidvania games ever.

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Get away with these shoddy update posts about customization items. Thought there was a genuine update with new cars or something.

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in played the first two games years ago but would like to see the collection come to xbox to replay them before diving into 3. I have a ps4 but prefer to play on xbox unless it can be avoided.

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MGS 1-4 are masterpieces. 5 like PeaceWalker was shite. Kojima's games are in no way sure hits with me.

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this is the last one i enjoyed.

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people say game prices never wrnt up. in the uk a new game used to be 30... now they are at least 60 new.

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