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why keep on putting older cod maps out i mean cod4 maps? seriously, everyone has cod im sure if you want to play them maps you go put that cod in stick to new maps IW stop being a lazy bunch of tw*ts remaking older maps on previous games

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voice messaging is a must imo cuts the time off for typing a message out also why dont the in game xmb just be like a hub that shows friends list, trophies , game section and music section and settings thats it cuts the memory in half only showing everything

i dont want any picture crap sony in this new update

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sounds nice as the article says its SA but in 2012 so yes it will be all updated not the same im glad car modding is back i just bmx's are back they were fun as hell

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cant wait for the game i watched the first half hour of the SP OMG i cant wait to play it

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yeah expect MP vids of it in about a week as servers may be up they are usually up a couple of days before so vids will be be made of them playing MP

im glad UC3 comes out next week keeps me occupied till MW3 i only play SP on UC3 so a week is plenty of time

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its not realistic can you do it in real life NO

it's a noob trick hence why people do it cos it's easy kills they should at least die it down black ops had it right by taking it out and the game was fairer because of it (not by much though) you will always get snipers but it's frustrating when you're on a killstreak and someone pips you across the map without even aiming at you

only people that are average players play QS

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OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!

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must not click on vid must avoid spoilers

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obviously as the newer the PC game the newer requirements it has to have aka hardware for it to run so PC will always win as it's upgradeable

consoles will never catch up as its dated after a few months where as PC you just swap a graphic card etc for a new one you cant do that on a console

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yes and to download the games which are over 30GB how long will that take on a typical internet line? at least 8 hours +, so yes it's pointless the bill you would run up downloading so many games, you might aswell buy the game yourself and support the developers

although nearly 6 years and the ps3 still hasn't been PROPERLY hacked only little glimpses of it and then sony stop it at least they are stopping it unlike MS and Nintendo

bravo sony

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it will get patched like the other firmwares. Give it a week or two and expect a 3.74 or 3.75 to counter act it and from what it sounds it sounds pointless

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love how they have released tons of screenshots now right before BF3 release

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RIP steve i admire all the work he has done very smart man

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ps cloud?

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omg cross game chat is here!!!!

sorry just had to say it

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yeh the tackling/ defending took a while for me im better at it now still getting grips with it but im liking it

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who cares i cant tell much difference anyway the game will be awesome

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still got my copy cant wait

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looking forward to it!

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its true ive just installed right now and im not on psn+

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