The problem with N4g, that there a lot of kids on here who don't know what an opinion is.


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So its ok when you can't see your body or legs on COD but no cockpit view bet get the pitchforks and torches out.

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What will you be able to finally see your body and legs when you look down?!

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I would like to see multiple areas like there was in GTA:SA. Vice city linked up with two other cities that would be great.

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Really remaster outbreak 1&2... Ok each to there own taste. Me and my friends thought outbreak was trash to be honest, they should remaster RE2,3 and CVx

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I dont know why you got so many disagrees with this, storages boxes are a must for resident evil games.

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And this is why I gone to PC gaming, the PS4/Xbox One feels like a waste of money with the amount of remaster that are coming out. Fair enough if its a ps1/2 game getting remastered but remaster of a ps3/360 game for the xbox one/ps4 just seems like a kick in the teeth.

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I wouldn't call GTA 5 massive in terms of gameplay it did have less main and side missions then GTA SA

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slightly old news considering the magazine has been out since start of the month... Just saying.

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I havnt been neutered but it just looks like every other COD to be honest.

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This is COD at least 80% of there "new" games are copy and paste weather its perks, weapons or maps from previous games or the same bs factors from previous CODs. After all these years of COD and yet people still are believing there lies and false hope.

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I love the lego games

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I fount the pre-sequel boring, borderlands one still being my favourite and borderlands to is fun with freinds

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research on what exactly?

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In my opinion they should stop making remakes and make NEW games for the ps4, if you want to play uncharted go buy a ps3 with them games.

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well it isnt surprising the pre-seuqel was so boring and disappointing

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one new thing (exo abilities) doesnt make up for years of copy and paste effort.

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you be disappointed with the pre-sequel its so boring and bland compared to borderlands one and two

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No more remastering games if you want to play ps3 games go out and buy one. But I do agree with Ni no kuni 2

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the collection is let down by the pre-sequel, that game is so boring compared to BL1&2

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RE4 was not dark or horror based, it was a good for an action game, but so much survival horror elements where taken away or replaced. If anything they should continue where RE:CVX left off, at the end of RE:CVX Chris and Claire said they where going to take down umbrella once in for all but that never happend.

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