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They couldn't find any AA batteries?

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Sorry, remote play (if it works like sony has shown) will be vitas killer app. It will be the reason people with ps4's will want to own a vita.
Not to mention its also a very powerful stand alone handheld is awesome.

People that talk down vita either just dont have any interest in it anyway or trying to jump on the doom gloom bandwagon. Most potential buyers are waiting until next generation is here or more games come. But vita itself is the best gaming hardware...

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WiiU :(

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Yeah I do, hey geniuses please explain whete I said I dont own a ps3 or that I have a 360 (I don't). Sounds like butthurt fanbois cant understand a minimally bias opinion. 360 had mmedia center capabilities which was cool in 05. Ps3 can do alot also but there was a time I had both and my ps3 wouldnt read files that 360 did flawlessly. And vice versa.

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Wow...my IQ has dropped from reading you guys comments. I have a ps3 no xbox and will get a ps4. You are real pathetic.

Lol at disagrees, oops forgot that /s.

I want in on the money MS and Sonys pays people here to talk down other people's life choices. Heres something to ponder about. I will also get the x1 along with ps4! **mind blown**

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The 360 was a great multimedia box. Now they throw an hdmi in to plug your cable box into. Tv, sports, movies and games all in one. Xbox one..yeah its pretty obvious.

Meanwhile in sonys camp: games with more pixels yo!

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Man some people need to get over this war already. X1 will sell well. I know people disgusted with MS but want to keep playing where their friends are and achievements.

I'm getting ps4 because I love the continued support for games sonys track record proves. Even though I may not be interested in all of them its still nice knowing that they won't abandon their core players.
I like MS exclusives so I will get x1 when I see how market receives it over next 6mo-...

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I was addicted to wow back in the pre lich king days. Hard thing to do but I'm lucky to have had an Epiphany and realized how pathetic my life became. Haven't owned a PC since as I've banned myself from becoming a pathetic husk of a human.
Not all people are like me but I know if I had the chance of playing it booted up as soon as I got home i would be at it again.

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I hope so. Currently P4G has that title.

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My point exactly.

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A more interesting article would be "how N4G effects behavior and health".

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There's no idea when this model will be released outside of japan. Sony also said they plan to produce both vitas side by side.

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Some sucker will buy it. Guaranteed.

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Its great for people who haven't yet bought vita. But not so much for early adopters.

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Why you need to buy both vitas?

ps4 will be around for years most will get a vita after 2nd year so its not a lot of money up front.

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Gravity rush 2 is in the works :)

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Not sure if this is click bait. Its not perfect but the amount of support vanilla ware has given this game in post launch patches and improvements I would sure buy another game from them.

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MW on vita is still best racer so far. Wipe out is good but its a different style of racing.

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Its not about sex scenes rather than fact that the developers have you rubbing the vita screen groping young women to fill a meter and join your party. That culture never say well with the western regions.

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Welcome to the club. If not for vita there would be some amazing experiences I would have missed out on.

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