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I own a 1X and 4Pro. Most of my friends have xbox and i play online games with. Ps4 for everything else. Its not like the ps4pro and xb1x came out at same time. Everyone had plenty of notice to save up if you really could/wanted too.

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Yep, when i see obvious attention whores like this i keep scrolling. But they will keep getting popular because 12yr old adolecents feel good about themselves when they feel they can interact with tits.

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I forgot there is MT in Fornite. Guess its just a habit of ignoring MT stuff in games nowadays. Aside from actual DLC i dont think ive ever bought a MT in any game haha.

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Offering everyone who bought it a refund must be a huge blow! Mad respect to Epic games. I think ill buy full version of Fortnite to support them.

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Huh? DA:I was a huge success for EA in 2014. I hate EA as much as the next guy but EA has been part of bioware since origins. Hopefully if EA is up to their shenanigans and screws up anthem then the backlash will make DA4 a decent game.

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More excited about DA than anthem.

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To be fair, this isnt streaming the games. You actually download digital copy. As someone with <20mb internet i wont be buying into these services.

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Yeah i guess... i could only imagine if we had this tech when i was a kid.

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Uh...seriously nintendo?

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Id rather play 360 games instead of this. New or not. I cant get into it. The game is a mess, the camera has a weird feel to it. Laggy as hell, i get that its early access but damn this game has a looong way to go before i play it again.

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Uncharted 2 is to uncharted 1 as assassins creed 2 is to assassins creed 1

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Yes it is, but i personally didnt expect anything else but impressive sales for sony. I was out during black friday and weeks up till christmas and i saw people all over the PS sections in stores vs competitors.

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If thats your conclusion, i feel like you read way to much into it.

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Nice, but expected in a way. Once you have such large market share, late adopters will want to buy the console their friends own and that is most likely a ps4.

Of course ps plus subs will grow, i mean, it is required for online play now. However it does show that a good amount of ps4s are actively being played. I think this is a good measuring tool that people hate on MS for talking gold subs or active users in x,y,z game.

I look forward to 2018, i thin...

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So i found a ad block for the samsung browser that has been working pretty decent so far. I hate this browser and i like chrome better. For now when im on mobile and i'll just use the samsung browser for N4G.

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The pop up ads that literally make my btowser go berserk need to be taken care of. Till then i will get my news elsewhere, i cant read a single article or click any link 99.8% of the time.
If i read through comments i have to make it fast as after about 3 minutes my phone will erupt into 98 "virus"(s).
This site needs upkeep, bad enough filtering through the toxic fanboy crap here i cannot tolerate the ads anymore. I shouldnt have to root my phone to install a a...

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Hate how they used the picture of EA consuming my fav franchise.

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This is one reason im so against online only future. The online communities can be very toxic. This is also why the video game industry can never be taken seriously and is viewed as a big joke by the masses.

The swatters need real prison sentences, and examples need to be made that these actions have life changing consequences.

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Yep, i remember playing on our first family PC. I think it had win95. I was a lot younger but i remember having a note pad out to write down certain things to try and figure out the puzzles.

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B..b..but by then the ps5 will be out and nobody will want this old game.

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