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We need a new vigilante 8 or twisted metal!

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As a gamer im happy the industry is growing on all fronts.

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I doubt you will see days gone and TLoU2 in same timeframe. Days gone this year, TLoU2 next year.

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So now all of a sudden people want the cloud?!?

Yall bitch about frames per sec, resolution, crap online servers and now yall want the systems to rely on internet. I get digital distribution will be the norm eventually but if games are no longer processed locally then im gonna have to stick with what we have or PC until the internet infrustructure in my area can handle it.

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Well, thats when you know who makes good games. Although, they are just cashing in on nostalgia. I've rebought older games on the xbox 1x as well.

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Nice to hear i will research it. Last i heard Ajit wanted the mobile networks to be considered sufficient enough to say high speed broadband was availiable to all americans.

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Great, now polish this damn turd. Only reason to play is because its fun having a few buddies team up in squads. But very agrevating when game crashes after driving a car more than 200 yards, or your teammate gets kicked in middle of a firefight, or the seemingly 10fps the game runs at. I have a x1x and its very odd looking at a building and seeing nice textures on one wall and a slab of mud on the next.

Game has huge potential if they would take some of the hundreds of mi...

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And if that happens i will gladly become a PC gamer.

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Yeah america probably has worst internet infrustructure. Seeing as our FCC basically slacked off the push to deliver broadband to every home this uear i dont see it getting better. At my house its either satellite 25mbps 50GB for $100 month or i use unlimited data hotspot off ebay for $100 month at 10mbps.

I can promise you that if they do this they will have a ton less players next gen. Not only withh people just not buy the hardware, they wont buy the games, and they wont...

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5g will be a thing in select cities within the infrustructure. More rural areas will not see 5g for many years after 2020. That said ill stick with ps4 and be done with gaming if this shit goes cloud.

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Hard to accept facts huh?

The X is super quiet. The pro can be noisy as hell but the fan does its job of removing heat. Its like a little space heater in my game room.

Nevertheless, i dont think about such things when im having fun playing games on either console. It doesnt make me prefer one console over the other.

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Ps3 version has trophies.

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Thank you! These mid gen refresh especially. I dont see why we need a new gen in the near future. Sure if you want all games at 4k60 but mass population doesnt care about or think about fps. The people who do more than likely have a PC or whatever.

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Im not looking forward to next gen at all. I have a pro and a 1x. I just want more games from MS, which if we get them we will be waiting a few years, and i want the games already announced for PS4.

Until i have played (in no particular order)
God of war
State of decay 2
Dragon age 4?
Days gone
Shadow of the tombraider?
Red dead redemtion 2

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How do i sign up to be a paid fan? How to i get that job. I dont care if its sony or MS, i just want to get paid for typing comments!

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@ sam fisher

I think in that instance you should pick and choose what games to buy to fit your time. I love mmorpgs but i dont play them anymore because my life just doesnt fit them.
Im not good at battlefield or CoD but i still have fun playing with friends. I pick up and play just fine and i never buy MTs. I accept im not going to be a pro gamer or top streamer or whatever.

I play for fun and relaxation. If i read that a game pushes you to buy...

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I own a 1X and 4Pro. Most of my friends have xbox and i play online games with. Ps4 for everything else. Its not like the ps4pro and xb1x came out at same time. Everyone had plenty of notice to save up if you really could/wanted too.

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Yep, when i see obvious attention whores like this i keep scrolling. But they will keep getting popular because 12yr old adolecents feel good about themselves when they feel they can interact with tits.

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