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Thanks for writing a stupid, Sly, Clickbait headline so I know to avoid your site in the future.

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Soo sailing and wandering around mindlessly with friends is fun but lag makes combat broken. Hmm hopefully it’s just the reviewers internet and not something everyone will experience. I might try this on game pass before I buy.

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When did they ever say Xbox X was the last console?

I’ve always heard the opposite from him.

Care to share a link?

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Yeah and for years we got remasters of those end gen games. If Ps5 doesn’t do backwards compatibility then I’m not looking forward to it for a few more years.

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Ive played both and I prefer pubg. Especially since all my friends play and we play squads. however the issue with pubg (on Xbox) is server lag, drops outs, bugs, glitches, etc. Fortnite runs smooth, polished, matches are quicker. In this day and age people hold games to a higher standard and pubg doesn’t cut it right now. Fortnite is constantly updating adding to the map, adding weapons, etc. pubg updates more slowly and still not making very big progress towards a finished game.

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I have to agree here. The X is the superb hardware. But I’m always going back to my Pro for Sony’s games. But Sony’s first party do a really good job optimizing games for the hardware.

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Yeah some site ran this story months ago. I got excited thinking there was something actually new.

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Still at 26.5 fps.

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We need a new vigilante 8 or twisted metal!

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As a gamer im happy the industry is growing on all fronts.

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I doubt you will see days gone and TLoU2 in same timeframe. Days gone this year, TLoU2 next year.

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So now all of a sudden people want the cloud?!?

Yall bitch about frames per sec, resolution, crap online servers and now yall want the systems to rely on internet. I get digital distribution will be the norm eventually but if games are no longer processed locally then im gonna have to stick with what we have or PC until the internet infrustructure in my area can handle it.

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Well, thats when you know who makes good games. Although, they are just cashing in on nostalgia. I've rebought older games on the xbox 1x as well.

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Nice to hear i will research it. Last i heard Ajit wanted the mobile networks to be considered sufficient enough to say high speed broadband was availiable to all americans.

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Great, now polish this damn turd. Only reason to play is because its fun having a few buddies team up in squads. But very agrevating when game crashes after driving a car more than 200 yards, or your teammate gets kicked in middle of a firefight, or the seemingly 10fps the game runs at. I have a x1x and its very odd looking at a building and seeing nice textures on one wall and a slab of mud on the next.

Game has huge potential if they would take some of the hundreds of mi...

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And if that happens i will gladly become a PC gamer.

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Yeah america probably has worst internet infrustructure. Seeing as our FCC basically slacked off the push to deliver broadband to every home this uear i dont see it getting better. At my house its either satellite 25mbps 50GB for $100 month or i use unlimited data hotspot off ebay for $100 month at 10mbps.

I can promise you that if they do this they will have a ton less players next gen. Not only withh people just not buy the hardware, they wont buy the games, and they wont...

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