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4 1/2 actually.

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Well it was one of those cases where 3rd party didn’t see sales taking off so they backed away from it. The system was capable of so much but what comes with that is higher production cost for a handheld that no one was going to pay $60 for a game on it. Kinda like Wii U had promised of 3rd party but when sales were flat they backed out

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It was right system at the wrong time. It released at a time where most people were obsessing over mobile phone technology that was just booming at that time. The memory card debacle didn’t help but i really wanted vita to break through. I had amazing fun on the system. My most memorable:
Uncharted golden abyss
Need for speed most wanted
Motorstorm RC
Resistance burning skies
Persona 4G
Dragons crown
Gravity rus...

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Ghosts servers are definitely still active and you can still get into a match easily. On Xbox One.

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So what about the people that bought;

The division
Destiny 1 and 2
Over watch
Upcoming Anthem.

A new CoD comes out every year. By the time the servers are shut down on this game there will be 5 - 6 CoD games after it and no one will care.

I am a herald of preserving SP games but even I know the reality that CoD and even Battlefield should practically be lumped into the “always online” game catalogue. Campaign...

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Naughty Dog put out 3 uncharted games and TLoU in ps3 gen. We’ve gotten 1.5 uncharted games and TLoU2 is still a ways off, so no I don’t think we are in line with the past.

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Why, it’s stupid in my opinion to just release a new console based on a strict timeline like 6yr max. When the system is still selling and exclusive games are still being made and are at least 12-14 months out. I don’t want a ps5 next year just because in nov 2019 the ps4 turns 6. I want a ps5 when it’s actually worth the upgrade and not wind up with mid gen upgrades that should have been the standard next gen console. Especially if we can wait a few years and get a much better machine at bet...

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I find it mind boggling how any adult with any type of life finds time to play video games (because I have a very hard time getting a few hours in) much less spend time watching other people play games.

On topic though: Seriously how many times do we need to regurgitate this idea that single player games are dead? Because COD doesn’t have a campaign? This place is as good a so CNN, say anything to get views.

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@soul I don’t know what game you played but I remember a lot of underwater swimming in black flag. There is even a trophy for it. And it’s pretty open world.

OT: my suggestions

1. Black flag
2. Origins
3. Ezio collection if you want good trilogy and see the true roots of the series.

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Forza is a joke nowadays. I really don’t understand why they bother anymore. 7 is biggest waste of money ever. Homologation ruined it for me on top of numerous other things. They game is pretty but that’s about it. Who in the hell wants to race in a Honda odessey? Maybe if you could swap in a NSX drivetrain and burn up unsuspecting racers could be fun but since homologation prevents any of that outside free play mode or very few select events during career.

..eh rant over. ...

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First step to recovery is acknowledging you have a problem.

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They haven’t focused to much on Xbox. Even on the X it still a buggy mess. Half textures hardly load in, disconnects, etc. it’s gotten a little better and they still claim early access but PC has 3 maps and they released a stable Mobile port since Xbox release.

Hell if they bring it to ps4 I’d hate to see how long they get it up and running right. Or maybe they are just dragging their feet until their exclusivity deal with MS is up?

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We know playground games is working on fable.

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What about the millions of people that can’t “ get good internet “? At least if you are able to download the game and play local it will take a longer time to download it but at least it will be playable.

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As a owner of the ps4pro and Xbox one x with 4K tvs I will just say that I recommend buying any of the mid gen consoles. The ps4pro is better buy considering it does display nice on a good 4K hdr tv. Also the amount of exclusive games Sony puts out and ones coming in the future. It’s also a little cheaper than the Xbox one x.

If you don’t care about Sony’s exclusives and want to play the latest FPS or 3rd party game with the best visuals and performance than the x1x is whe...

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Hell No!

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I was literally typing a decent comment here but after 2 paragraphs I was redirected to a page where I won a Facebook contest. So not only was a video ad forced on me...you know what, Before I get redirected again im just gonna say screw N4G for a while. I’ll come back and check at some point to see if it’s resolved.

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Here, Have a Snickers.

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Well guys...next! Skull n bones come on down.

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