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I agree 100%. Bethesda shouldn’t even be wasteing time and this seems more of a hoax than anything really.

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It wasn’t a used game it was a new game being sold by a unauthorized reseller of said “new” game. Once a game is purchased it can not be sold as “new”. It can be...
Like new
New in box
Never opened
...whatever it is not new in the legal sense.

Yes, I understand people sell games advertised as new all the time but that doesn’t mean that it’s legal.

It’s reason why GameStop won’t trade in unopened games. Because they can...

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I’m not either, I’ll be picking up tomb raider. Comic Super hero stuff never been my thing. However from what I understand is that Spider-Man will be a pretty huge titan to go against.

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When I saw this I thought “man this must be X footage” crazy how talented rockstar is. I have a pro and a x and I’m kinda torn. I usually prefer my single player games on PS.

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Would be beast if this was made to be able to play all ps1,2,3,4 games. I already have a pro and as cool as it is I’m going to have to pass but this has a cool throw back modern twist to it.

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And no multiplayer or gaas in sight!

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Exactly, my BO4 beta download will take all day today and maybe into the overnite hours. I still pre ordered the disc.

Owning a xb1x with rural internet really shows how bad it’s going to be next gen and it’s scary. I bought forza 7 on disc and still took 3 days to download the rest of the 4K assets in patches. So I still prefer my ps4 because I can still play games I get day 1 while updates are handled in background.

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Mass effect andromeda

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Yeah I’m not pre ordering this and I’m a big fallout fan. I have too many mixed feeling on this. I’ll wait for the guinea pigs to test it out.

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For real it takes me a few weekends to finish god of war.

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Yeah and being a 1x owner I can feel the pain of 4K DL sizes. Especially when your only options are satellite or LTE.

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I mean, how much does a disc drive cost? Especially at the manufacture price. Probably the cheapest component in the box.

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Not worldwide but in NA it was for sure more popular and well known even to people who didn’t play videogames. Maybe that’s what they meant? Not sure but what I do know is MS needs to make next Xbox not so reliant on a network connection for every damn thing on the system. I live in a shitty area for internet and it’s much easier using my ps4. I can still track my trophies, I can record, edit and watch my game videos and screen shots, I can change my theme and wallpaper, I can play any game I...

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Please put this on Alexa.

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So stop supporting games people want to play? Please list games that are not set out to get cash from consumers...I’ll wait.

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I am no expert but I have a strong feeling that when gaming shifts from local hardware and becomes reliant on a excellent internet connection. The industry will finally see how horrible this will be.

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Yeah it wouldn’t take much to best EA’s show. They are completely out of touch. That speaker girl...Uhg I felt so bad for her when she tried to get a response out of the audience and it’s like that had all fell asleep.

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4/10 huh, guess that means the game is broken, buggy, and hardly worth the time of day.
Interesting how the rest of my news feed shows mostly 8’s and a few 9’s.

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I can agree with you on this one. It’s a freaking video game not a documentary on the history channel. I play games for fun, but that’s just me.

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I play much better with Xbox style analogs especially in Shooters. Everything else the DS4 doesn’t bother me but I definitely prefer to play competitive online on Xbox just for the controller alone. With this controller coming I don’t think there will be reason to play Xbox anymore for me.

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