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So without going all fanboy, give a single reason why MGS HD shouldn't make it to PC.

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Unless we're talking exclusives, there's never an especially good reason why X franchise shouldn't be available on everything.

There's no reason why MGS HD shouldn't come to PC really, although I can understand why Konami might have issues.

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The original piece is an interview with Kojima. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that he shared a preliminary do-not-announce release date with his interviewer, probably under an NDA, that then accidentally made it into the article.

And I'm not even saying the date is accurate, just that it doesn't take much imagination to come up with scenarios in which an actual internal release date makes it into an interview with Hideo Kojima.

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I think you've got it. That would probably make a lot of disappointed fans much happier.


You have an odd definition of free. To me, free means that they're literally giving it out to anybody that wants it. In Nintendo's case, you're getting a tiny amount of cashback for every purchase, and in return you potentially buy more product and occasionally fill in valuable surveys.

You're right, ...

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You're half right. Clicks mean more money.

No clicks mean nobody is reading.

I wish it wasn't that way, but it honestly is. There are sites that everybody knows go too far, but they get a bunch of hits every day for doing exactly what you're saying they shouldn't. And if they didn't? Nobody would have ever heard of them to talk about it anyway.

I can't name a single site that consistently writes clever, thought-provoki...

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The COD review was for GamesReviews. I'm currently writing for them and Push Square.

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You should probably read the review and leave the score/pros-cons list, to be fair.

If you can find a decent critic or site to follow, the reviews should say objectively what works and doesn't work.

That isn't a set-in-stone fact though. If you read a review that says "Grand Theft Auto's 'heroes' do absolutely disgusting things during the course of the story," it's up to you to decide how much that would bother you. The crit...

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I didn't say popular was the same as good. I said that, if you hate something popular, there's a good chance you're not the target audience. Reviews aren't supposed to justify your echo chamber, they're supposed to take into account the target audience.

I don't like soap operas or Justin Bieber, but that doesn't mean I go into a hissy fit every time a TV or music critic gives the latest product top marks. I shrug my shoulders and say, well, I hate ...

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I think the problem is specifically that they're getting free games that they could buy anyway, and in fact, given that it's an incentive program based around buying a huge amount of Nintendo products, that they probably already have. Which is fair enough really. If you're involved in an incentives program and then the incentive turns out to have not been worth it, you're going to have a problem.

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"Why do you think that Call of Duty gets all those 10/10 scores every year even though each game is the same as the last??"

Man, aside from the lizard people that rule the world, chem trails and Big Pharma's continued dedication to making us all autistic, this is the most sense I've ever seen on the internet.

Thank you, sir, for opening my eyes. Because I always thought it was TOO perfect that one of the most popular gaming franchises of all...

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To be fair, hindsight is a brilliant thing. Titanfall came out and it was good. Hell, even when it was first revealed, it looked like a great time.

Chances are, at the time that deal was made, all EA had to barter with was the people involved and a project codename. Microsoft was probably actively looking for exclusives. It's an obvious match and one that, at the time, was a safe bet.

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Rockstar do hype right when there's something to hype, I wouldn't disagree.

There's so little to get excited about when it comes to a remaster though, but they're doing exactly the same thing as they did with the original release. It's an odd decision, and I don't think most people care enough now to go through it all again. They'll buy it or they won't.

Which isn't how marketing is supposed to work.

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What makes you think it's coming in October? Rockstar haven't confirmed a release month.

Which is my point, I think. When people are presuming details without realizing no official word has been released, something has gone wrong with the mainstream message.

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ICO was mainly ditched because I thought Shadow of the Colossus was almost "finishing that thought" in terms of design. Uncharted didn't make it because too much of the environment was built with gameplay in mind, and I thought the very structured "cover, cover, cover" build took away from the general beauty.

As the poster above pointed out though, it's harder to decide what to exclude than it is to decide what's worthy of being included.

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It's big news for the Rock Band community, which is still going strong.

Still, lucky you clicked across to comment how boring this news is, else those that're interested wouldn't know, right?

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Why is it the right platform, as opposed to the more obvious 3DS?

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There's a compatibility platform available now from the same people who released ScummVM if you can't wait. Not only is it fully playable on modern machines, but they fixed hundreds of bugs as well, some of them game breaking (and they happened all too often as well).

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Yeah, that didn't happen. I have the chat logs of his pitch if that would make you feel better?

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An appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3, perhaps?

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Neither of those things are totally untrue though. You just have to remember 3.

3. Pretty girls are people with interests, hobbies and opinions of their own.

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