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Discrimination is discrimination. I worry that we are all being conned by greedy people who care neither about racial harmony, sexual politics and certainly not art. Conned into little arguments to keep our eyes off the fact that it was never white men in charge but more the one per cent of people with the money.

While well meaning folk on left and right argue like we are supposed to literally nothing important will change. The issue, to me, is that too many of us have too ...

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They'd argue that the big thing is to protect the game for its first week on sale, I guess.

However, frequently that isn't possible and, anyway, if you were going to pirate it then waiting til it gets cracked won't make them buy instead.

Fact is that DRM only, and has only, ever hurt honest game buying customers, slowing down games a little at best, crippling them at worst. If anything I think DRM loses more sales than it gains and I seriously...

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I was surprised that Nintendo didn't do more with the dock. People would be more forgiving of the handheld resolutions and fps if, when docked, Switch performed much closer to a base PS4.

I'm no tech expert but have seen those that claim to be exactly that offering options to the dock to boost Switch performance on the bigger screen without vast costs.

Am I alone in imagining that the next iteration may well do this and have a bigger gap between d...

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AmstradAmiga-but you SHOULD make a stand over things like the ten dollar save slots even if it doesn't make you think the game itself is pants.

To me some things are bigger than whether I like a game or not and, in the current climate, ignoring anti gamer business practises is one of them. If we allow this craps to go by without kicking off we only let them know they can push it further.

Eventually this greed will kill our favourite hobby/passion/pass...

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As we get closer to being capable of near photo realism the increases look to be smaller each generation. For me the leap from PS1 to PS2 seemed way bigger than from 2 to 3 or 3 to 4 with each seeming less of a gap.

I cannot tell massive differences between 4K and 1080p on my TV from ten feet away as it is(65") and that is nothing like the jump ee had from standard to HD last time either.

So, no, graphics still get better, technically, it's just ...

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Hoping that this may be a move to put Bloodborne in people's minds again leading up to revealing the sequel at E3.

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Hadn't considered this market. Yeah, could do well in a cheap ESports laptop type thing. Better with a possible upgrade path but definitely allows cheap, decent gaming on these platforms.

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Both models are a good entry point for PC gaming, great for emulation and DO allow a decent upgrade path as well.

APU Rysen do not perform quite as well as the vanilla Rysen CPU chips paired with discrete GPUs but difference is negligible and at 90 quid for 2200 it is a great way in.

AMD have ensured good ESports performance for your money out of the box so, say, Overwatch or CSGO are very playable and even CemU works okay in emulation.


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Indeed, Kojima was showing his talent well before Sony cared about games. It's a shame some people want to make something of Sony now working with him as he was always going to make games with whoever suited his needs best and that just happened to be Sony this time.

Miyamoto wouldn't become craps if he started working with MS for example, why does Monika get worse for similar?

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The industry never fails to amaze me with how much it disrespected its loyal consumers. An industry that spends millions failing to stop piracy and ends up punishing those legally buying their games with game wrecking DRM idiocy.

An industry that is conditioning people into becoming gambling addicts, child and adult alike just because they aren't being policed and have no moral compass at all. An industry that argues loot boxes aren't gambling in any way despite the...

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GTAV and its shark cards and online only dlc is not great. Rockstar promised proper free iirc single player dlc but greed prevailed, we got just theists etc for online and yet more shark card bs.

If you love gta online it's okay but it's still not great and the shark cards situation stinks.

Overall, though, mtx are fine in free to play games by and large esp done like Warframe. In a full price release though? Publishers et al need to make sure it...

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You are so right. After piracy and hacking killed PSP why Sony hamstrung Vita with the memory con is beyond me. As a piece of kit Vita kills 3DS but Sony didn't know how to give it hope.

If I'm honest, though, I use PSP more even now than anything else. A hacked PSP and the choice in one cheap device is amazing for me.

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Pixlz, sadly that is not what platform holders want. Sony have already MADE their cash from you buying PS4 games, make virtually nothing from hardware sales and need you buying new games to keep any new platform going.

They would NEVER do as you want, sadly. Battery life would be crap as well. I just don't see Sony doing a pure handheld again. A future PlayStation 5 that does similar to Switch while adding streaming options? Possible

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Game development is not too expensive for publishers not to include mtx. EA even said that taking lootboxes out of BF2 wouldn't hurt the bottom line.

A full price game, esp one without the supposedly expensive SP portion, has zero reason to have mtx. Not one. It's greed and cosmetics do matter as they denote haves and have nots which is how they force us to buy things that, previously, would definitely have been in the game.

Journalists apologisin...

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While I agree that more titles are both possible and likely we can't ignore the amount of work still going into GTA5 online.

With the stated insistence on their future games having big online elements we can also assume a big staff to service RDR2 online post release. Producing new modes and theists and all sorts has kept GTA going heavily and must tie up devs.

I doubt that means Rock star have no other games in the works but I dunno if there's ma...

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It's pretty good. Launch version on PS4 had a truly bizarre localised English script leading to cringe worthy voicing. Thankfully, they listened to fans and offered us a patch in, iirc, Autumn with totally reworked voice, script etc.

It's miles better now and the Switch version should be great. Dunno what to expect of the extras but it's a solid action JRPG already.

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They did seem dead for the last decade or so, certainly here in England. The odd one survived in London and a few big cities, possibly a couple at seaside resorts as well. Both arcades in my town closed late nineties.

However, we just got a VR arcade and plans afoot for a big cafe bar with both retro and new cabinets. Lots of online leaderboards, events and competition nights are the way they want to try it.

It certainly seems there is a western appetite...

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Nothing remotely funny about the man. He is the guy you bring in to cut costs and cut throats, in business terms. Sadly, if anyone is likely to not care about gamers it's thus dude. He scares me and will make Sony more greedy.

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Both series are fantastic. U2 is a hugely influential game in many ways and cemented Drake as a relatable hero everyman-popular with male and female gamers.

Uncharted is not better than TLOU and is not inferior either. Is coffee better than, say, pillows? Both do their job very well and the existence of one does not detract from the other. TLOU is tense thriller and Uncharted is summer blockbuster.

Love both. Using one ND game to bash the other really mi...

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Ys 8 was a better game than a lot gave it credit for. The odd bits of dinky English script and voice acting could be jarring and are certainly the big issue I had playing it last year.

As a result, as long as this IS better the game will have even fewer reasons not to give this a shot. I was a series fan, what, twenty years ago now? Some fellow vets of the Ys games fell out with the newer entries and want just to play as Adol etc but they have to progress gameplay and graph...

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