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I think this actually looks pretty neat. It's too bad it's only locked to mobile, but maybe it will eventually come to other platforms. That's what happened with the Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go games, if I'm not wrong. There may be hope! Though I definitely want to see some gameplay, just to be sure I actually want to look forward to that possibility.

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It's confusing because I thought they -were- putting things in place to avoid this stuff. I also thought the staggered timeframes of being able to purchase the consoles was part of that. Silly me, thinking these were foolproof systems that would deter people from being gross.

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I prefer the original one, though, since it goes much better with the motif of the actual console. And if the console is all-black, I think that compromises the visual splendor quite a bit. I love the mix of black and white with the trim of blue!

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Okay, Linus

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This happened with Resident Evil 2 on the PS4, as well.

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It would be really ironic if my Series X has this issue, because the point of buying one would be because my Xbox One's disc drive actually just stopped working. And I figured that was a good excuse to jump into the next-gen Xbox! But I still think I am looking forward more to PS5, since it has Ratchet and Clank, and Sackboy.

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Oh no... I mean, I definitely won't be able to snag a PS5 until next year, probably, but I was planning on getting Ratchet and Clank immediately upon picking one up. Oh well. Something else to look forward to! Ratchet & Clank was my favorite PS4 game and my second and most recent Platinum trophy (Hannah Montana: The Movie being the first and only other one). It was so great! And this one is looking awesome, too.

Here's to hoping Sackboy's Adventure ca...

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While it is a nice feature, I really don't think it's necessary at all. It's one of those things that is cool to have, but I highly doubt I would take advantage of it. Plus, with SSD being utilized in the consoles this generation, having a game starting from scratch isn't as much of a headache. They seem to boot up very quickly no matter what, so this is really a non-issue for me.

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I'm honestly pondering getting this headset, assuming the battery life is good. I'm looking at getting the PS5 as my go-to media system, including watching movies, and I've been needing a good headset with which to watch movies!

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I hadn't heard of this game before, but I got quite interested after seeing this! Unfortunately it sounds like survival is kind of the main component of the game, and that is something I'm not usually a big fan of. I was hoping it was just a game where you could sail around and not worry about enemies. Just exploration of a beautiful world. I have Sea of Thieves, but that game is the opposite of relaxing thanks to toxic PvPers! I was hoping this could be a more relaxing equivale...

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Geez, I didn't know Angry Birds was still chugging along with stuff like this. I haven't heard the name in a long time, aside from the second movie coming out. And even then, I don't think it did very well. In addition to that, the Lego sets based on the first movie seemed to not be a big success at all (considering how many times I saw them on clearance sale, and even then they weren't selling).

No disrespect meant to the franchise, but I really thought ...

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Is that literally all of the ones that won't work? If so, that is amazing news! And honestly I have no interest in any of the ones listed (except maybe Shadow Complex Remastered), so this doesn't affect me too much. I wonder why these games in particular are unable to play, though. With Afro Samurai, it makes me wonder if licensing is part of it.

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This kind of saddens me for some reason.

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I've never seen someone feed into and completely destroy their own joke with such efficiency.

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They did this in Burnout Paradise, too... I believe specifically I remember ads about voting for Obama.

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It's strange this is being locked to next-gen. I'm a little confused. Is it exclusive to next-gen? Or is it just going to be added when the next-gen versions come out?

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Step 1: Shoot him a lot
Step 2: That's it.

The only real challenge here is all the other players trying to kill him for themselves, especially thanks to that challenge where you have to kill him 3 times.

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Considering how this season is completely Marvel-focused, I'm wondering if they might get in trouble for this due to it probably being a very strict business contract.

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It's a really fun game. I'm not sure I understand why it got such lukewarm reviews. It's not quite as fun as the third game, but still a good time!

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