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If they actually did own a third of Sony, they would have even more reason to ditch the crappy XBOX 360!

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I would almost believe they would do something, that desperate. They have already lost enough money this generation, to dish out another spare $16 billion dollars!

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The article says, "all HD DVD offers is a higher picture quality, and not many people care." How can people not care about better picture quality? And it also offers better sound and easier interaction. It goes on to say "why spend money on a few more pixels", hey buddy, change that to 4 million more pixels. It also says, "Cinema is primarily a narrative and not a visual form of Art." So what we only listen to movies do we? Actually, I think I watched a movie jus...

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Send me some details please. Sounds good! It really hurts not to have an R rating for games. So they all work alright then?

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I just know it's going to be banned in Australia, like Fallout 3. I guess I'll have to import it as well!

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I have a PS3 and love it, but I still buy PS2 games for the kids. Monster Rumble was the last game I bought. Before that it was Indy Lego!

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PS2 be a thorn in Wii's side for ever and ever and......

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The PS3 is the future proof console!

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for PS3 fans that is! I love this site! Ha!

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And Wii has more than it's fair share. The controller is the only innovation, and lets face it, not that innovative. I thought PS2's Eye Toy was more innovative, you didn't even need a controller to play, and how old is that. Wii has far and away to many Mini games, where your just doing the same thing over and over again. I will never buy one. If I want to play old school I'll just play my Buzz Junior games on my PS2.

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that Microsoft have created another console that has failed to make a profit. How much longer can they sustain this business model? Their next console will be interesting to see! That's if they bother making a next console!

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Are you trying to tell us Microsoft is making money from the 360! That is never going to happen, sorry! If profits are an indicator of success, XBOX 360 is not it!

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The quality is lacking on the Wii. Just compare games like Top Spin 3. The graphics on the Wii are terrible. Then there is the inaccuracy with the controller, no Wii is not next gen, wake up! I just bought Kung Fu Panda for the kids on PS3, because I wanted the game to look more like the movie, and it does, fantastic. On the Wii it looks crap,and yet they are asking the same price. Wii is a ripoff!

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Only 5 million more sales for PS3 to close the gap! And that's going to happen either late this year or early next (my prediction). The PS3 exclusives are going to bury 360 once and for all. And that's with a one year head start, how embarrasing for Microsoft! LOL.

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Just try Buzz Quiz TV with eight wireless controllers. Buzz is a real laugh! And a great party game.

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It's obvious the XBOX 360 has started it's downward slope. The PS3 is set now to only become stronger in the market. Even the Microsoft's next console will have trouble competing. The PS3 is future proof. The PS3 will become the cheapest console that has everything, and the Wii will be first to bite the dust.

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I guess you haven't been keeping up with sales figures. 360 even with a years head start, is losing ground, badly! And PS3's best games are yet to arrive. But you can keep dreaming though. LOL.

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I'm sick of people comparing the Wii to PS3! It looks crap. Just take a look at the Top Spin 3 comparisons on this site. It looks terrible! And that version costs the same. What a ripoff. And the Wii console itself costs to much. You are only getting a inferior games machine for your money. PS3 is just so much more, and far better value for money than the Wii. When are people gonna wake up? I know, when Little Big Planet comes out. People will wonder why they are putting up with the stupid Wi...

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With the amount you can fit on a DVD it will most likely take about 10 hrs to get through the single campaign!

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I also enjoyed the original Killzone!

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