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i have played about 15 hours on xbox one and have noticed no stuttering or frame frate problems at all.

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look the same

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can't wait. might even book some time off work, is that sad?

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looks interesting but wouldn't class it as metroidvania

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have really good memories playing power stone with my brother on dreamcast. great game

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Ori and the blind forest came out last month whens the next exclusive on ps4?

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I can play all those games on xbox one. What exclusives are coming out on ps4 before Christmas?

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who said it was because of crowded line up? cant remember seeing that anywhere

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if sony have secured the rights to advertise it and get early dlc it will be interesting to see if the the majority stop hating on it

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quantum break,halo 5 gaurdians,scalebound,forza 6,gears of war 4,crackdown,fable legends,phantom dust,killer instinct season 3,rares next game. i imagine there will be a few unannounced games at e3 plus indies like cuphead,below,superhot and inside.

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well said sir

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10 reasons xbox one is better

1)quantum break
2)halo 5 gaurdians
4)forza 6
5)gears of war 4
7)fable legends
8)phantom dust
9)killer instinct season 3
10)rares next game

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there are strong rumours and banjo game will be announced at e3

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i thought both those games were coming to xbox one as well

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how can any console have the edge with a multiplatform game lol.

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for all the people bitching about who has got the better console only one thing is important to me and thats exclusives.

xbox one
halo 5
forza 6
killer instinct season 3
quantum break
fable legends
gears of war

persona 5
ratchet and clank
uncharted 4

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you have put the point across very well there sir. totally agree driveclub is a very good game but fh2 will go down as an all time classic

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it should do fh2 is open world. its like comparing the order to gta5. the order looks a lot better but gta is a lot more fun and a better overall game, as is fh2. if you want to make a valid comparison on graphics wait for fm6 to come out.

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totally gutted its not world at war 2.

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did you say cod, battlefield and titanfall are better than halo hahahahahahahah

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