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i think it is pretty obv now that rockstar are going to announce bully, max payne (both prob remasters rather than new sequels) gta 6, remasters of older gta games, prob a new LA Noir VR in the next year or 2

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mine also seems fine, unless i cant tell the differance

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both seem the same to me, with the bonus of the duel sense features for the ps5

didn't the xbots say games would be upto 40% better because of the extra TFlops

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now imagine what there going to do with ps5 exclusives

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ive been playing it today and it is very current gen, kind of disappointing really as they have had next gen dev kits for some time

very buggy and square

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im currently playing ac Valhalla and will not miss the fast travel loading times im getting at the min (on ps4 pro)

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why is the sx version so dark?

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fake news, it is damage control from xbox, because of there failure rate

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remember this comment when they show some next gen games that are optimized for the ssd's

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hopefully there is a option to turn off ray tracing and have the game at native 4k, for those people that THINK they can see the difference,

il enjoy the ray tracing and dynamic

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goes into detail on every item apart from if the HDMI cable is 2.1

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i don't get the store update? it looks terrible and basic, sony have gone to next gen with the console and controller but back to 8bit with the store

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Love it, cant wait till next month

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ms knows there fanboys are a bit retarded, so they have added this for them ;)

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im confusing it with the P.T. demo

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so they have re-released the demo? or the full game on pc?

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true but purchasing Bethesda does not even come close to catching up with sonys first-party studios games,if they had to get to 10 to catch up there at around 4 now after purchasing bethesda

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do we really want tit for tat buying, the consumers lose out in the long run, ms could not make a good studio of there own so they had to buy one, very tacky but what do you expect from a company like Microsoft, it is short term boost for them, but it won't last, they ruin most franchises they own

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typical of ms tho, can't build any good studios and game's, they have to get the wallet out to buy them

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