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It's a lazy cash grab, It makes perfect sense now why Sony doesn't offer the upgrade program they had at launch for ps4.

It was okay to put in my Injustice ps3 disk into my ps4 and get a discounted price, but now that they have a port coming internally Sony pulls the plug on the digital upgrade offer, th...

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Infamous ss, hands down the worse game this year for me it's not even close.
People hate on Watch Dogs for being boring yet there's more replayability, things to do in Watch Dogs than Infamous.

So don't be critical of 1 game yet completely ignore another that's in the same open world genre that does
pretty much everything worse.

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Sure, people can take inspiration from their favs doesn't mean it's best suited for their particular game. This game would have been much better in regards to replay value, and open path gameplay had their inspiration been from those other ip's I mentioned, instead look at what were getting, it's practically on rails.

Uncharted and the last Of Us ''awesome'' we'll that's you're opinion not mine, as neither of those 2 games wouldn&#...

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This is why I am not a fan of Naughty Dog, not that they make bad games but their cinematic style of play for a minutes in a linear path then watch a cutscene, then rinse wash and repeat that cycle has infected other devs to be like them.

And here you have the perfect setting, great characters and it's all for nothing because it follows the on rails cinematic approach that Naughty Dog became glorified for.

Ready at Dawn inspiration should have come from a...

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Yup, Nintendo deserves the praise. What really makes me shake my head in disbelief at Sony, is when I saw Yoshi's woolly world and thought, why in the hell didn't Sony do this for Little big planet 3 but in 3D like most lbp fans have been wanting? Instead Sony's incompetence gives us a cross gen lbp 2.5, and shoehorn's that in as apparently their big holiday exclusive.

Yoshi's woolly world was the game that told me that Sony doesn't have a clue in how...

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Actually, he/she has a very good point. I would wager good money if Uncharted had a dark skinned protagonist as the hero, looking like a snobby prick who can do no wrong just as Nathan Drake looks on those Uncharted covers, the Uncharted franchise wouldn't be on it's 4th title.

Take off Master Chief's helmet tomorrow and reveal him as a black/asian/latino etc. and see how fast the predominantly white Halo fanbase withers away in anger.

Cover after...

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I'll just ask, is this game going to have any replay value, or just be another experience like infamous ss? If I'm getting more replay value out of a Dynasty Warrior's game than a AAA Sony exclusive, then something is very wrong with Sony's recent offering's.

I want a "video game" not an experience, Sony.

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Great game, especially for young kids.

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There are no bots in the game, the Xbox One split screen feature is only for two people locally to play together online via split screen.

I recently bought this game for my little nephew and didn't want him hearing people online, so I simply went into 360's settings and muted the voice chat. This mutes everyone with a mic automatically, that's a very great feature on 360 that ps3 doesn't have imo.

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Just got the game friday, and you are absolutely right, there is little graphical improvement.

We now need a new engine, such a small upgrade from ps3 is unacceptable, and I will not be purchasing next year's instalment, unless we see espn commentary, significant graphical overhaul, sweat on faces like NBA 2k , and better follow through animations when the ball leaves a pitcher's hand, it's still a bad animation that doesn't look realistic.


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First time I regret buying a PS console so far, nothing but ports and sequels from last gen, up next another God of War. Sony turning into Microsoft from last gen.

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Makes the PS4 console look trashy, you have people buying a console and camera not to play/stream games but to act stupid in hopes of getting attention.

People criticized Xbox One for not being a game console, yet when you take a look in live from PlayStation you see this crap filling up the screen.

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"XB1 provides voice commentary as well as picture-in-picture commentary"

I don't think people are aware that you can record your voice during a recorded video by plugging in the bundled mic to the DS4, and enabling voice recognition in the ui before you start your game. I was a bit surprised by this feature as even the bundled mic recorded my voice very good during lego marvel, and the in game sound is not muted either. As for PiP, I can't ...

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Nobody cares when it's Forza you mean, as GT5 was bashed by reviews/people for 2d trees, GT5 was marked down because of visual inconsistencies. But here Forza gets a pass even on next gen hardware with it's visual inconsistencies. Where's the nitpicking at now?

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The "it's a kids game so let's cut Knack some slack" is a cop out imo, Skylanders Swap force which also launches on PS4 is a fantastic kids gem that not only oozes incredible character art design but is just plain fun with rpg like upgrade paths for each Skylander, multiple easy combo sets and the bosses in the game reminded me of GOW set pieces. But since it's published by Activision, the hateful fanboys look past it, then you also have Lego Marvel another game I would ...

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From the article, "All videos purchased or rented through the PlayStation Store, as well as all video clips recorded from gameplay, are stored on the Sony cloud. There is no local storage for any of this media content."

This doesn't alarm anybody? Sony knows if they allow mp3 playback they must allow a way to import/export files onto PS4's hdd, as of now they want to block importation of media files from usb and external hdd's and only allow specific fil...

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This is what's bothering me Shad0wRunner, but it seems Sony's getting a free pass on this.

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Caddylss is right, how come Sony is not getting heat for not allowing usb, mp3? This is pissing me off! How are we supposed to import our photo/video/music files onto PS4?

@AirHype, ''They made it paid subscription to create a better online experience. Not to make money.''

Do you honestly believe what you typed? Your telling me Sony looked at the billions MS was making from live but instead of saying ''let's get some of that'...

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Yeah, Sony sure messed up badly, loved every PS launch until this one. I gave Sony 2 chances(e3/TGS) to provide just 1 unique stand out exclusive at launch and they gave me squat! Nope, I will not buy a new console for another Killzone especially when you just released a Killzone on Vita and I certainly won't for Knack when there's superior/better games in that genre such as lego marvel, Skylanders SF and Ratchet just released or are close to releasing on PS3, makes NO DAMN SENSE! Ind...

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This Metacritic, judging/buying not buying a game based off of a number is just stupid. To see Madden and a remastered Ducktales game rated higher than a fresh new ip say's it all. Most of my fav games this gen have scored like crap. The video game sites need to rid themselves of the scoring stem and adopt a pro/con written review system, because that's all I want to know about a game that interest's me, not a number.

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