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There's a free-aim option in the Max Payne 3 multiplayer, and you can find matches which use either option. Do some research next time.

Also, it's an awesome third person shooter with an involving story.

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Incredibly stupid analogy.

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Yeah, EA started this crap with "Project 10 dollar". And people try to claim that Activision is worse. They don't even come close to EA's douchebaggery.

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You're the pretentious one here. No need to get all pissy just because no one's heard of your shitty awards show.

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Have you considered that someone disagreed with you because you happen to be a douchebag?

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The developers are the ones who make the games, so yes, the blame should lie with them. While Sony shouldn't be entirely absolved, what with the stupidly complex architecture, the devs should work to find ways around these issues, rather than just do the bare minimum to get the game ported and call it a day.

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I don't really give a shit how good the game is, if it become unplayable at a certain point with no way of getting around it, then it just proves what a crap developer Bethesda is (as if that wasn't already obvious with their previous bug-fests, which still rely on the community to fix problems that they didn't). This had no business being released until the issue was fixed. As it is, they knowingly released a broken game on the console at full-price.

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David Hayter is not a story? Well, yeah. I don't think a person can be a story.

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MGS4 was great, but I think the execution of a lot of ideas could've been better. Like the explanation for Vamp's invincibility, the identity of the Patriots, the whole of Act 3 sucking, etc. The start of Act 5 was amazing, pure classic MGS stealth. Shame it was so brief, though.

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I like to think of this character reveal as acknowledging the idea that Nathan Drake is really a complete asshole, but his asshole tendencies usually get glossed over. Really hope they go all the way with the idea this time.

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Larry, it's the publishers who benefit most from online passes, not the developers. Go ahead and fall for their sob stories about not having profited enough already. It's a disgusting system that we can all thank EA for.

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Yeah, Here Comes The Pain. The only other Smackdown game that matches up is 2006. The other games have generally been either alright or rather shitty. Features taken out, barely any significant improvements to core gameplay, etc.

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You haven't played them, have you? If they were played side by side, the difference would be pretty goddamn obvious. Tard.

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MGS1 would look horrible in HD, unless they did The Twin Snakes instead, which isn't gonna happen considering it's a Nintendo exclusive.

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Been waiting years for a new console SF, so I hope this is true. Gabe Logan must return.

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You would prefer the usual Japanese trend of 17 year old pretty boys and 5 year olds masquerading as 16 year olds?

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Same here, been waiting a year for news of localization for WOTS4, glad to see it's finally happening. The publisher is the same as the one for the EU release of WOTS3. Worst case scenario, Yanks will have to import, but it shouldn't be a huge problem, I think.

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This guy doesn't even look Japanese, is that his real name?

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Hotman? Would that be the porno versions of the Hitman games?

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@The Killer

Stop claiming you're a Muslim. You're not. You're a sad, pathetic little person, the kind that uses religion to further their own idiotic ideologies and views.

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