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Just look at Disgaea 5.

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Funny thing is, you can say the same pretty much about any new game from any franchise.

"it has added some new stuff, but it is just to strengthen and/ or fix the same core gameplay. "

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If Pokémon games are dying because they repeat the formula time and time again, then COD is dying, Uncharted is dying, Dark Souls is dying, and pretty much every frachise is dying.

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Sooooooo let me see if I get this right. Nintendo's value rise up because Pokemon Go, until investors found thaye weren't the ones making the game, and then Nintendo's value went down. So, because of that, Sony -somehow- teached Nintendo a lesson. Look, I have nothing against Sony, but their fans are the worst, thay cant find a way to glorify the PlayStation brand without making others look bad.

As a response of that: Then Nintendo showed Sony how to make a fran...

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Nintendo is that weird company that just makes us wait to see what happens. I'm not aboard the "moar power" train because it has become pretty boring. Next gens consoles will be just more powerful versions and nothing more; no real innovation, no cool ideas. At the end we all will be playing on a PC not so different from the small Alienware computers.

Now, if you come and tell me "we're launching a portable console not as powerful as a PS4, but more p...

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Maybe it's because I'm an old man, but I'm very fond of old and old-but-no-so-old rpg. My personal favorite is Chrno Trigger. And may others are wonderful; FF6, Secret of Mana, Wild Arms, Earthbound, Vagrant Story, Grandia, Parasite Eve... and not so old, like Golden Sun -loved those-, Disgaea, Persona 3-4, Tales of symphonia... the last one I remember that was really great was The World Ends With You; and I know there has been a lot of good RPG recently, like Demon/Dark souls, Th...

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Do your homework. PS3 develoment kits price were 20.000.

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Let's wait for the news to say it was Pokèmon Go fault, instead of "a people have a gun and shoot before asking"'

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"The two teenagers were driving through a neighborhood "

Did you even read the intro words? Up there?

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Ah, no wait. Games is what matters.

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I didn't. It's not like I'm all about specs and stuff, but I found the article very informative and maybe even useful.

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Slow news day? Oh, is Polygon. That explains everything.

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In my eyes it has failed already. No, literally. I use glasses, and I see nothing without them. Had a chance to test oculus rift, I cant use that kind of stuff without taking off my glasses, so...

Yeah, it was pretty sad.

PD: No, I can't do surgery and I can't use contacts because of an allergy, so... VR is nor for me, sadly. Or I'm not for VR.

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Why now? Wait a little for Neo.

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@XiKurapikaKurta Someone wasn't paying attention... or just see what he wanted to see.

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Wait, there is a new Carmageddon game on work? Man, this is a wonderful world.

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To the author of this article: Have you ever played the original Zelda games? ok, ok, more recent: Have you ever played Dark Souls?

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Taking in account that all the games MUST be compatible with the older consoles, devs can't use that extra power for anything significative; upscaling and making the graphics prettier is pretty much the only real use those consoles will have. Oh, and shorter loading times, I suppose.

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You can say that about 90% of Sony's future lineup.

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There's always something, right?

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