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Also known as gamers that play games way better than you, at a level they are recognized worldwide not only by fans but by companies, so they can make money while doing something everyone else see as "just a hobby". Sounds horrible.

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So people who play games are not gamers...

Wait, so all millenials cant be gamers?

Wait, so the games market is supposed to be aimed just at the original "hardcore" group of gaming, who is too busy now working and having a life they can't play long sessions anymore? So the "hardcore" gaming audience will allways be tied to a certain "hardware rules" that can't be broken? So the "hardcore" gamer is supposed t...

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"would", but it doesnt. At all.

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OK, I'll try to be as neutral as possible, while I love Nintendo consoles, and this looks great, there are two things that bother me:

1- The battery. Yeah, that's it, that's obvious.

2- The storage. Now, things get complicated. I'm from Colombia, so excuse me if prices are a bit too exxagerated. For the WiiU, a 500gb used HD is around 20-30 dollars, but, let's assume we will need a Micro SD to save things on NS. Now, a high capacity Mi...

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No dinosaurs? I dont think we can be friends, man.

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Proof or it never happened

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"Nintendo announces a 3DS only direct"

"People get mat because it's only about the 3DS"

- Logic.

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Because I don't even pay attention to M$, really... but yeah, it's the same with them. Still, saying "but M$ do it, too" doesn't change anything. You can paste the same thing and replace Sony with M$, if that makes your hearth happy.

Now, about developers... sadly, "changing the quality to make it look awesome" usually doesn't mean change settings and problem solved (like a PC). Consoles doesn't have the predetermined settings that gr...

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Well then, I'll support the game that day.

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Meh. The "new rare" would just ruin the multiplayer just like they did with Conker: Live & Reloaded.

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You're too young, kid.

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Oh, well. How do I start? I kind of understand the point of this opinion, but I also think it's overreacting a bit too much. Somehow, I can't deny the arrogance of Sony, but we, as players, gave'em the wings to do it. Do you remember an E3 when they announced the white PS4, and everyone went crazy? I was like.. it's just a color for PS4, what's the fuzz? And pretty much every single announcement they make causes a big impact on their fans, even if it's... a color. Then...

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You sure enjoyed The Order. "Quality".

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Oh man, the number of dislikes here will be awesome, but there, I'll say it: This game is a big letdown for me. Don't get me wrong, I know the game is about exploring at all, but after visiting a lot of planets, I ended up by feeling that I was just in some creature model generator with random background. It sounds obvious, I know, but I was expecting a bit more of interactivity. I mean, carnivorous, herbivorous, insects, they're all the same. And you just feed'em or kill'...

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Unless you add the word "legal" to your dictionary.

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Yes. It's their job. But this kind of articles usually means "we (adults) are tired of Pokémon, we want new games" ignoring the target Pokémon games are aimed to. Younger audiences know Pokémon, it's a massive succesful franchise, and they have the right to play the game in modern consoles.

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The first mistake everyone makes while rating the Pokémon franchise, is assume that everyone has played all the games. Is a game made for kids, and a popular one, so kids much more younger than us are the target. So, if a kid goes and say "I want to play a Pokèmon game" then we are supposed to tell him "yeah, go buy a GBA somewhere." New pokémon games are meant to new generations of pokémon gamers, simple as that. Fans can enjoy them too.

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A disaster that has sold $200.000 in microtransactions until now.


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Maybe I'm missing something, but, what promises are you talking about?

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It's a free app, and the microtransactions are completely optional. No one is stealing you nothing. Just be happy with what you're getting for free. This isn't a $60 game like the ones from Ubi, EA, Bethesda...

Actually, it isn't even a Nintendo game. So, if you don't like it, then don't play it. Simple.

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