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I can see the ending of any game on youtube. Why should I buy anything?

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Well you further established the point that my computer is more capable of providing higher definition content then the PS4 / Xbone. So it seems to me why would I want a PS4 / Xbone? Or better yet why would non Sony / M$ fans want a PS4 / Xbone when their computer is more than capable?

Am I doing this right?

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...and compressed to the size of your argument ;D

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Go back to call of Duty in 1080p.

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Keep on trying, best luck next time.

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So... this page must be new to the videogames industry

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Just call it the Sony PC

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A printed paper on a table.

Seems legit.

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Is a console just a PC in disguise?

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This is the most 2016 thing this year.

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Oh, come on. Do you know why Princess Peach is kidnapped everytime? BECAUSE SHE IS THE FREAKING PRINCESS OF THE KINGDOM. She's an empowered woman, she manages all the affairs of a kingdom, she's the ruler, and without her Mushroom Kingdom become a mess, as we always have seen. It's hard to think about a woman with more power than her in any video game. Plus, remaining calm and not doing stupid things while being kidnapped is common sense (specially if the kidnapper is a two meter ...

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It's a great game, it's fun (to play), great graphics, Joel and Ellie are memorable. Still, it's not a perfect game (for me, of course) since I really hated the "sorry, your princess is in another castle" narrative during the first episode of the game; you know. Go there, nobody's here, then go there, nobody's here again, then go... there. But then, winter was brilliant. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion...

...however, this article was ju...

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You did.

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Yeah, but none of them is portable.

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Welcome to N4G, bro.

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Because a campfire is as useful to keep an Iron Giants as a blanket keep the monster from the closet away from you.

No, really, don't a campfire and sleeping make you, you know, more vulnerable?

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Hahahaha, that's impossible, I'm not that ol...


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And people like you don't have one, so it's a plus.

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I cand download almost any game by torrent by free, why pay at all?


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Still waiting for the ultimate arcade ultra delicious complete wtfbbq edition.

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