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Are you comparing full consoles with phones? Why don't you compare consoles with a PC? That has at least some sense.

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OK, OK, first of all, I'm not defending ESPN or attacking anything or.. whatever. And yes, I find that what they're doing is kinda stupid, but, mej. Point is, I'm a graphic designer. In cases like this, it's not about the ass is from a real person or not. Usually we sell IDEAS, for example, hentai is still considered porn, even it it's just drawings and not a real person. And that's why they say the imagination is the best aphrodisiac. This said, an ass is an ass, I s...

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Moar powa'

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Did you mean call of duty?

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...or PC. No, wait. Damn.

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Are M$ and Sony slowing down the portable revolution?

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You must be really stu... weird to see a show you didn't want to see in the first place. Even if you started to see it, you could quit anytime. Who was the one that forced you to see the show? Point it to me, little boy.

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It was less boring than the Call of Duty one.

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And yet it looks better than the PS4 version.

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The same as the PSP version? Obviously you didn't play MH4, or Generations, the changes are awesome. Climbing monsters, new weapons, styles, arts... sorry, but MH4 are far better than the PSP version.

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It'l look better than the PS4 version.

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The Switch will get the portable version of ALL multiplats and there´s nothing that anyone can´t do nothing about it.

Am I doing this right?

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Maybe you need to start running kiddo. Maybe you're The Flash or Quicksilver and you don't know it.

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In an alternative world: "Why is Microsoft milking Halo so much?"

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It depends on Microsoft, really. The reason I don't have an Xbone is simple: I can play almost all M$ exclusives on PC. Halo, Gears, Forza, KI... hell, I was thingking about buying one because Cuphead and now it's coming to PC. If you have a good one you have been playing those games on 4K 60FPS for a long time now, so, why should I want an Xbone? If this will be the same with Scorpio, then there's no reason to take it seriously. M$ is predating itself by making all their great ga...

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"A Deep Dive Into Why Microsoft’s Offering Is Technically Superior"

Fixed that for you.

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But's not on PC, so cry me a river.

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Should I tell that to all the people? Like, what? 20 people? And how mane hackers do you need to make a DDOS attack? Like, a zillion?

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"Zelda fans" and "Nintendo fans". The first mistake is assuming that "every" fan is involved, or even a significant portion of them. There's no need for the fans to "calm down", I mean, how many people do you need to hack a site? How many people de you need to make a DDOS attack? I'm not a hacker, but I'm pretty sure you dont need a legion of people and a lot of money for that to happen. I recognize there are a lot of crybabies in the gaming...

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Hahaha, 10 years. Come on, God of War II doesn't have 10 years, I'm not that ol...

No, wait. Damn.

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